Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1996-07-26 number 44

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Vol. LXXIV, No. 44 26th JULY, 1996 Price $3,00

G eneral N otice 389 of 1996.

number ,
N RZ. 6522:3524. M aterial, arm ature rew ind, TM .D E. lOA. Closing
date, 22.8.96.
Tenders Invited
D ocum ents can be obtained from the M anager, Supplies and
A ll tenders m ust be subm itted to the Secretary, G overnm ent Tender Board, P.O . Box Stores, N ational Railw ays of Zim babwe, A frica H ouse,
C Y 408, C ausew ay. Bulaw ayo. i
Tenders m ust in no circum stances subm itted to departm ents. CA /4437/96. Sew age flushing vehicle and fresh w ater supply
Tenders m ust be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside w ith the
vehicle. Closing date, 15.8.96. The tender docum ents are
advertised tender num ber, description, closing date and m ust be posted in tim e to be
' available from The Purchasing O fficer, A ir Zim babw e
sorted into Post O ffice B ox C Y 408, G atew ay, or delivered by hand to the Secretary,
Corporation, P.O . Box A PI, H arare A irport.
G overnm ent Tender B oard, Fourth Floor, A das H ouse, 62, R obert M ugabe Road, ZESA .48/96. D esign, m anufacture, supply and delivery of a set of
H arare, l^fore 10 a.m . cm the closing date notified. Real Tim e C om puter Based 330 kV substation control
O ffers subm itted by telegraph, stating clearly therein the nam e of the tenderer, the
system and for the training of hardw are and softw are engi­
service and the am ount m ust be dispatch^ in tim e for delivery by the Post O ffice to the
neers for the installation, com m issioning of the substation
Secretary, G overnm ent Tender Board, by 10 a.m. on the closing date and the confirm a­
control system at A laska Substation. Closing date, 15.8.96. .
tion tender posted not later than the closing tim e and date. The telegraphic address is ZESA .49/96. D esign, supply and delivery of 1 x 90 M V A 330/132-
“Tenders, H arare”. 88 kV pow er transform er to Sherwood 330 kV substation.
Closing date, 15.8.96. Non-refundable deposit of $1 000,00
— Tenders w hich are not received by 10 a.m . on the closing date, w hether by hand,
or U S$100,00.
by post or by telegraph, w ill be treated as late tenders.
D ocum ents can be inspected at and are available from the
If a deposit Is required for tender documents, it w ill be refunded on receipt of a bona
, Procurem ent M anager, Zim babwe Electricity Supply
fide tender or if the tender docum ents are returned com plete and unm arked before the
A uthority, Sixth Floor, M egawatt H ouse, com er Sam ora
closing date.
M achel A venue/Leopold Takawira Street, H arare.
For supply contracts, the country of m anufacture m ust be stated. W hen tenders are
D W D .41/96. Supply and delivery of centrifugal pum ps and spares.
com pared, a degree of preference is deducted from prices tendered for goods m anufac­
A ll provinces. Closing date, 15.8.96. D ocum ents are obtain­
tured in Zim babwe.
able from Sixth Floor, K urim a H ouse, Fourth Sireet/Baker
N o tender can be w ithdraw n oram eiK led during a period of 30days (or another period A venue, H arare, and from First Floor, M hlanhlandlela
specified in tender docum ents) from the stated closing date. G overnm ent Com plex, Bulaw ayo. A non-refundable deposit
of $100,00 in cash or bank certified cheques.
The G overnm ent does not bind itself to accept the low est or any tender, and reserves
the right to select any tender in w hole or in part D D F. 12/96. Supply and delivery of 1 tonne pick-up trucks (petrol or
diesel), to be supplied on an “as and w hen required basis” for
Tenders w hich are properly addressed to the G overnm ent Tender Board in envelopes
a period of one year. Closing date, 15.8.96. D ocum ents are
w ith the advertised tender num ber and description endcused on the outside are not
obtainable from The M inistry of Local G overnm ent, Rural
open^ until 10 a.m . on the closing date.
and U rban D evelopm ent, D D F, M ukw ati B uilding,
M em bers of the public m ay attend the opening of tenders on Fourth FIo o t , A tlas Livingstone A venue/Fourth Street, H arare.
H ouse. 62, R obert M ugabe Road, H arare, from 10 a.m . onw ards on the date specified.
D SG.1/96. Reprint contract for the preparation of contact prints,
enlargem ents, diapositives, negatives from diapositives and
Secretary, m osaics from aerial film negatives, enlargem ents from
26-7-96. G overnm ent Tender Board. 35 m m film negatives and prints from spot im age negatives.
C losing date, 22.8.96. D ocum ents are obtainable from
Tender Surveyor-G eneral, Electra H ouse, Sam ora M achel A venue,
number Hararfe, P.O . Box CY 540, Causew ay.
ZPS.8/96. M anufacturing of barathea suits for Zim babw e Prison
Services. Closing date, 15.8.96. Sam ples of barathea suits N O TICE O F CH A N GE O F CLOSIN G D A TES
w ill be available for exam ination at Q uarterm aster Stores,
Zim babw e Prison Service, H arare. M O H & CW . 7/96. Supply and delivery of 15 com puters and 15
Laser printers. The closing date of the tender has been
N RZ.6520:3520. Elem ent, fuel, fitter engine, D E.10A . Closing extended from 8.8.96 to 29.8.96.
date, 29.8.96.
ZBSA;Pl/96.-Tnvitation-to-express interest-to-enter-into- a joint —
N RZ.652 1:3521. Elem ent, oil filter lubricating oil. Closing date,
venture partnership for the im plem entation of the H w ange
Pow er Station Stage III (units 7 and 8) expansion. TTie
^^.6525:3523. C oupler autom atic. Closing date, 15.8.96. closing date has been extended from 25.7.96 to 1.8.96.