Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1996-07-12 number 41

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‘Vol. LXIV,No.41 12th JULY, 1996 Price $3,00
General Nee 337 of 1996. Tender
W81/95/3. GMB Mutare Depot: Supply andinstallation of mass
metres, digital indicators and printer. Closing date 1.8.96.
i Tenders Invited
¥ : : Documents available for a non-refundable deposit fee of
Alltendersist be submitted to the Secretary, Goyernment Tender Board,P.O. Box $100,00 from the GMB Engineering Department, at Dura
CY408, Caugay. Buildings, corner Samora Machel Avenue and Enterprise
Tenders t in no circumstances be submitted to departments. Road.
Tenders nf be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsedon the outside with the
P & S 6/96. Supply and delivery of photocopying Bond paper.
advertised tery number. description, closing date and must be postedin time to be Closing date, 25.7.96. Documents obtainable from Depart-
sorted into PcOffice Box CY 408, Causeway,or delivered by handto the Secretary, mentofPrinting andStationery, P.O. Box CY 341, Causeway,
Government ‘nder Board, Fourth Floor, Atlas House, 62, Robert Mugabe Road, Harare.
Harare, beforl0 a.m. onthe closing date notified. NRZ.6543:3516. Supply and delivery of amouredtelephonecable.
Offers subitted by telegraph, stating clearly therein the nameofthe tenderer, the
Closing date, 25.7.96. Documents are obtainable from the
Manager, Supplies and Stores, NRZ, Africa House, Bula-
Service and thimountmustbe dispatched in timefor delivery by the Post Office to the
wayo. — ‘
Secretary, Gérnment Tender Board, by 10.a.m. on theclosing date and the confirma-
tion tender pted not later than the closing time and date. The telegraphic addressis HAZ.2,/96. Provision of security services. Closing date, 1.8.96.
“Tenders, Hare”. ‘ Documents obtainable from Ministry of Home Affairs,
Private Bag 7703, Causeway.
Note.—Tends which are not received by 10.a.m.onthe closing date, whether by hand,
9209. Supply, delivery including training of 20—ten channel and
by post oly telegraph, will be treated as late tenders.
40—thirty channel subscriber radio telephone equipment.
Ifa depois required for tender documents, it will be refunded onreceipt of a bona Closing date, 1.8.96. Non-refundable fee of $100,00.
fide tender df the tender documents are retumed complete and unmarked before the
closing date, .
9215. Supply and erection of guyed mastsandfree standing towers.
Closing date, 1.8.96. A non-refundable fee of $100.
For supe contracts, the country of manufacture mustbe stated. When tenders are 9219. Supply and delivery ofaerial distribution copper cable Clos-
compared, degree of preference is deducted from prices tendered for goods manufac- ing date, 1.8.96. A non-refundable fee of $500,00.
tured in Zibabwe. ‘
9220. Supply and delivery of cable joint closures. Closing date,
No tend?can be withdrawn oramended duringa period of 30 days (or anotherperiod 1.8.96. Non-refundable fee of $500. -
Specified jtender documents) from thestated closing date.
f Documents may be collected from the Secretary, PTC Pur-
The Gdernmentdoes notbinditself io accept the lowest or any tender, and reserves chasing Committee, Room No. $18, Tenth Floor, South
the right Select any tender in whoie orin part. Wing, Runhare House, 107, Union Avenue, Harare, or by
Tendewhichare properly uddressed to the Government Tender Board in envelopes
writing to the Secretary, PFC Purchasing Committee, P.O.
Box CY 331, Causeway. .
-With the @vertised tender number and description endorsed on the outside are not
Opened util 10 a.m. on the closing date. CMB/DT/1/96. Tenders are invited from transporters registered
with the Ministry of Transport and Energy for the transpor-
Mem#rs ofthe public may attend the opening of tenders on Fourth Floor, Atlas tation of grain between Grain Marketing Board Depots.
House, & Robert Mugabe Road, Harare, from 10 a.m. onwardson the date specified,
Tender documentsare available from Dura House, 179-187,
Samora Machel Avenue, between 8.00 a.m.to 1.00 p.m. and
: Secretary, 2 p.m. to 4.30 p.m., from Mondayto Friday and the following
12-7-96 Government Tender Board. branch manager’s offices, Harare, Masvingo, Mutare, Con-
cession and Lions Den. Closing date, 25.7.96.
numb 0001/96. Supply of Boeing 767 PW 4 000 engine maintenance.
Closing date, 1.8.96. Documents for tender 0001/96 are
ZPS.V96. Supply and delivery of caps, barathea to Zimbabwe obtainable from the Purchasing Officer, Air Zimbabwe
: Prison Services, Closing date, 1.8.96. Corporation, P.O. Box AP 1, Harare.
aps.706. Supply and delivery ofjerseys/cardigans. Closing date, CCS2/96. Supply and delivery ofcomputerstationery. Closing date,
8.8.96. Documents for tender CCS/96 are obtainable from
ZPS#/96. Supply and delivery of light green shirting material. the Acting Director, Central Computing Services, P.O. Box
- Closing date, 1.8.96. so CY 704, Causeway, Harare. Telephone: 702955.
ZPS1/96. Supply and delivery of trench-coat material. Closing 6552:3517. Steel Str’l plate. Closing date, 15.8.96. Documents are
date,1.8.96. Samples will be available at QuartermasterStores, obtainable from The Manager, Supplies andStores, P.O. Box
- ZimbabwePrison Services, Harare. 1999, Bulawayo. ,