Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1996-04-26 number 24


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Voi. LXXiy^, No. 24 26th APRIL, 1996 Price $3,00 1
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G eneral N otice 179 of 1996. Tender
D EF.8/96. Supply and delivery of A rm y buiscuits to the D efence
Tenders Invited
Forces in H arare and B ulaw ayo for a period of one year.
A ll tenders m ust be subm itted to the Secretary, G overnm ent Tender B oard, P.O . B ox
C losing date, 16.5.96. A non-refundable deposit of $500 per
CY 408, C auseway. . set of docum ents. D ocum ents are obtainable from D irector,
Tenders m ust in no circum stances be subm itted to departm ents.' D irectorate of Purchasing, A rray H eadquarters, Private B ag
Tenders m ust be enclosed in sealed envelopes, endorsed on the outside w ith the 7720, C auseway, H arare.
advertised tender num ber, description, closing date and m ust be posted in tim e to be F. 19/96. C ooking oil: A ll centres. C losing date, 9.5.96.
sorted into Post O ffice B ox C Y 408, C ausew ay, or delivered by hand to the Secretary,
G overnm ent Tender B oard, Fourth Floor, A tlas H ouse, 62, R obert M ugabe R oad, F20/96. Paints: A ll centres. C losing date, 16.5.96.
Harare, before 10 a.m . on the closing date notified.
D ocum ents F. 19/96 and F20/96 are obtainable from the
' O ffers subm itted by telegraph, stating clearly therein the nam e of the tenderer, the R eception D esk, Zim babw e G overnm ent Tender B oard,
service and the am ount m ust be dispatched in tim e for delivery by the Post O ffice to the Fourth Floor, A tlas H ouse, 62, R obert M ugabe R oad, H arare.
Secretary, G overnm ent Tender B oard, by 10 a.m . on the closing date and the confirm a­ Telephone: 721758/752539.
tion tender posted not later than the closing time and date. The telegraphic address is
Tenders, H arare”.
ZPS.2/96. Supply and delivery of hand tow els. C losing date, 16.5.96.
M ve.— Tenders w hich are not received by 10 a. m . on the closing date, w hether by hand,
D ocum ents are obtainable from the O ffice of the C om m is­ i
by post or by telegraph, w ill be treated as late tenders. sioner, Private Bag 7718, Causew ay.'
If a deposit is requited for tender docum ents, it w ill be refunded on receipt of a bona 6. A C P.R PR.468. Supply of station w agons, 4D W , and 2W D , diesel
fi‘tf tender or if the tender docum ents are returned com plete and unm arked before the driven, to the R egional Tsetse and Tiypanosom iasis C ontrol

* closing date.
For supply contracts, the country of m anufacture m ust be stated. W hen tenders are
S pared, a degree of preference is deducted from prices tendered for goods m anufac-
btted in Zim babwe.
B ranch. C losing date, 18.7.96. D ocum ents are obtainable
from R egional C o-ordinator, Tsetse and Trypanosom iasis
C ontrol Program m e, P.O. B ox A 560, A vondale (N o. 18,
B orrowdale R oad), H arare.
N o tender can be w ithdraw n or am ended during a period of 30 days (or another period
tpecified in tender docum ents) from the stated closing date.

G overnm ent does not bind itself to accept the low est or any tender, and reserves ZESA .20/96. Installation of street lighting. The Tender has been
•be right to select any tender in w hole or in part extended from 25 th A pril to 2nd M ay, 1996.
Tenders w hich are properly addressed to the G ovem m entTender B oard in envelopes
viih the advertised tender num ber and description endorsed on the outside ate not
until 10 a.m . on the closing date. 6541:3481. Supply of hardwood sleepers. This tender w hich w as
M em bers of the public m ay attend the opening of tenders on Fourth Floor, A tlas advertised on 22nd M arch, 1996, is hereby cancelled. The
House, 62, R obert M ugabe R oad, H arare, from 10 a.ra. onw ards on the date specified. tender w ill be re-advertised in the near future.
M ISS P.TIC H AG W A , M ED W EB .1/96: Sectionl: Invitation for B ids (IFB):
G overnm ent Tender B oard. ZIM B AB W E SEX UA LLY TR AN SM ITTED IN FEC TION S
'dumber Credit Number 2516-Zim
^PS. 1 / 96 . Supply and delivery of all types of stockfeeds to Zim ­ TH E G overnm ent of Zim babw e has received a credit in various
babw e Prison Service Farm s for the period from 1st July, currencies from the W orld B ank and it is intended that part of the I

1996 to 30th June, 1997. C losing date, 9.5.96. D ocum ents proceeds of this credit w ill be applied to eligible paym ents under the
are obtainable from the O ffice of the C om m issioner, Private contract for w hich this invitation to bid is issued.
B ag 7718, C ausew ay, H arare. The M inistry of H ealth and C hild W elfare now invites sealed bids
^O N.6/96. C onstruction of trunk sew er and w aste stabilisation from eligible bidders for the supply of the follow ing:

ponds at Plum tree B oarder Post. C losing date, 16.5.96. LA B OR A TOR Y SU PPLIES
D ocum ents are collected from M inistry of Public C onstruc­ This invitation to bid is open to all suppliers from eligible source
tion and N ational H ou^ng, M akom be C om plex 3, Leopold countries defined under the W orld B ank guidelines for procurem ent
Takaw ira Street/H erbet C hitepo A venue, H arare. under IB R D loans and IDA credits.