Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1995-08-18 number 45


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Vol. LXXII, No. 45 18th AUGUST, 1995 Price $3,00

G eneral N otice 510 of 1995. N o tender can be w ithdraw n or am ended during a period of 30 days (or another period

specified in tender docum ents) from the stat^ closing date.
The G overnm ent does not bind itself to^ccept the low est or any tender, and reserves
the right to ^lect any tender in w hole or in part.
B onded W arehouse N otice 7 of 1995
Tenders w hich are properly addressed to the G overnm ent Tender B oard in envelopes
w ith the advertised tender num ber and description endorsed on die outside are not
IT is hereby notified that in exercise of pow ers conferred upon the
opened until 10 a.m . on the closing date.
D irector of C ustom s and Excise by section 57 of the C ustom s and
M em bers of the public m ay attend the opening of tenders on Fourth Floor, A tlas
Excise A ct [Chapter 177], the w arehouse specified in the Schedule
w hich has b^n approved by the D irector is appointed as a bonded H ouse, 62, R otert M ugabe R oad, H arare, from 10 a.m . onw ards on the date specific.

w arehouse of the security of goods w ithout paym ent of duty under M ISS R TIC H A G W A ,
the A ct. 18-8-95. Secretary, G overnm ent Tender B oa^.

R. J. M U N Y AR A DZI, Tender
18-8-95. D irector of C ustom s and Excise. number
Sc h e d u l e ZESA .30/95 Supply and delivery of com pact distribution boards.
C losing date, 7.9.95. N on-refundable deposit, $50. D ocu­
Name and location of warehouse Description of warehouse m ents for tender ZESA .30/95 are obtainable from the Pro­
B uffalo Treads (Pvt.) Ltd., A rectangular enclosure under curem ent M anager, Zim babw e Electricity Supply A uthority,
Stand 222, a concrete roof, m easuring Sixth Floor, M egaw att H ouse, com er Sam ora M achel
C harter R oad, 18,75 m X 12,0 m . T w o sides A venue/Leopold Takaw ira Street, H arare.
K opje, are m ade up of brick and C PA.7/95. Supply and and delivery of cotton bed spreads. C losing
t H arare. concrete w ith secured date, 7.9.95.
w indow s, one side of brick
and concrete, and one side of C PA . 11/95. Supply and delivery of uniform jerseys. C losing date,
w ire m esh. 7.9.95.
C PA . 14/95. Supply and delivery of brushw are. C losing date, 7.9.95.
G eneral N otice 511 of 1995.
C PA .16/95. Supply and delivery of foam m attresses. C losing date,
C PA .25/95. Supply and delivery of law n m ow ers. C losing date,
Tenders Invited
A ll tenders m ust be subm iU ed to the Secretary, G overnm ent Tender B oard, P.O . Box C PA .99/95. Supply and delivery of cam ping equipm ent and bags.
C Y 408, C ausew ay. C losing date 7.9.95.
Tenders m ust in no circum stances be subm itted to departments.
C PA .282/95. Supply and delivery of filing cabinets. C losing date,
Tenders m ust be enclosed in seal^ envelopes, endorsed on the outside w ith the 7.9.95.
advertised tender num ber, description, closing date ai^ m ust be posted in tim e to be C PA .283/95. Supply and delivery of steel shelving units (class­
sorted ipjo Post O ffice B ox C Y 408, C ausew ay, or delivered by hand to the Secretary,
room ). C losing date, 7.9.95.
G overnm ent Tender B oard, Fourth Floor, A tlas H ouse, 62, R obert M ugabe R oad.
H arare, before 10 a.m . on the closing date notified. C PA .285/95. Supply and delivery of lecture padded chairs. C losing
date, 7.9.95.
O ffers subm itted by telegraph, stating clearly therein the nam e of the tenderer, the
service and the am ount m ust be dispatched in tim e for delivery by the Post O ffice to the C PA .291/95. Supply and delivery of school furniture. C losing date,
Secretary, G overnm ent Tender B oard, by 10 a.m . on the closing date and the confirm a­ 7.9.95
tion tender posted not later than the closing dm e and date. The telegraphic address is D ocum ents for tenders C PA.7/95 to 291/95 are obtainable
‘T enders, H arare”. from the C ontroller, C entral Purchasing A uthority, Second
Floor, A tlas H ouse, 62, R obert M ugabe R oad, H arare, or by
Note.— Tenders w hich are not received by 10 a.m . on the closing date, w hether by hand,
post to P.O . B ox C Y 528, C ausew ay, Zim babw e, upon
by post or by telegraph, w ill be treated as late tenders.
pay m ent of a $ 100 non-refundable deposit for each bid form .
If a deposit is required for tender docum ents, it w ill be refunded on receipt of a bona
G M B /B M .1/95. Tenders are invited for the lease of bagging off
fide tender or if the tender docum ents are returned com plete and unm arked before the m achines. C losing date, 24.8.95. D ocum ents for tender G M B /
closing date. B M .1/95 are obtainable from the C orporate Secretary, The
For supply contracts, the country of m anufacture must be stated. W hen tenders are G rain M arketing B oard, Eighth Floor, K urim a H ouse, 89,
com pared, a degree of preference is deducted from prices tendered for goods m anufac- B aker A venue, P.O. B ox C Y 77, C ausew ay, upon paym ent
ttired in Zim babwe. of a non-refundable fee of U S$50,00.