Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1993-09-03 number 55

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Vol. LXXI, No. 55 3rd SEPTEMBER, 1993 Price 2,50

General Notice 517 of 1993. 3. The road on the proj^rty Gwendingwe, leading from the.
Gwendingwe Road (IMstrict road 37/18), af a point approxi­
LAND SURVEY ACT iCHAPTER 147} mately 10,8 kilometres from its juncticm with the main Mutare-
Chipin^ Road (442) and pror^eding south-westwards to the
Application for Cancellation of Portion of General Plan N0.DG6IO Gwendingwe headquarters (0,7 kilometres).
of Stands 108-193 Seki Township: Gontmonzi District
General Notice 519 of 1993.
NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of .section 44 of the Land Survey
Act [Chapter 147], Siat the undersigned intends to apply to the
Surveyor-General for the cancellation of that portion of General Plan
No. DG610 comprising Stands 160-189 Seki Township in the district Prohibition of Entry into Private Forest: Mutare District
of Goromonzi.
The general plan is filed at the office of the Surveyor-General, FT is hereby notified, in terms of subsection (2) of section 69 of the
Electra House, Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, where it may be Forest Act [Chapter 125], that enhy is prohibited, without authority,
inspected. into dM Toronto Estate, being a private forest in the district of Mutare.
Any person who objects to the proposed cancellation must lodge his
objection, in writing, giving his name and addfess and his grou^ of Y. M. KATERERE,
General Manager,
I objection, with the Surveyor-General, at the above address, or P.O.
3-9-93. Forestry Commission.
Box 8099, Causeway, on or before the 1 st October, 1993.
An objector may, if he wishes, lodge a copy of the objection with
General Notice 520 of 1993.
the applicant at the address given below:—The Secretary, Ministry of
Locd Government, Rural and Urban Development, Private Bag7706,
Secretary for Local Government,
3-9-93. Registration of the Name and Badge of Black Aces Football Club
Rural and Urban Development.

General Notice 518 of 1993. FT is herd>y notified, in terms of paragraph (c) of section 17 of die
Armorial Bearings, Names, Uniforms rmd Badges Act [Chapter 2],
that the Name and Badge of Black Aces Foo^ll Club, has been '
FOREST ACT [CHAPTER 125] registered under paragrt^ (a) of subsection (1) of section 14 of the
Specified Routes: Forestry Commission said Act
N. Mvere,
IT is hereby notified, in terms of subsection (2) of section 70 of the Registrar of Armorial Bearings,
Forest Act [Chapter 125], that the roads listed in the Schedule are 3-9-93. Names, Uniforms and Badges.
specified routes on a protected private forest.
A map (CAB 926) depicting such routes may be inspected free of General Notice 521 of 1993.
charge at the Commission's Office, Mutare.
General Manager,
3-9-93. Forestry Commission. Application to Registn a Trade Union

SCHBDUI.E IT is herri>y notified that, in terms of subsection (1) of section 33 of
the Labour Relations Act, 1985, an tqiplication has been received for
Description of routes
the registration of the National Union of Railwaymen which repre­
1. TheroadonthepropertyFairview.leadingfromtheGwendingwe sents the interests of employees specified in the &hedule within the
Road (District road 37/19), at a point approximately 7,5 area of Zimbabwe.
kilometres from its junction with the qiain Mutare-Chipinge Any person who wishes to make any reinesentations relating to the
Road (442) and proceeding north-eastwards to the Fairview plication is invited to lodge such rqxesentations with the Registrar
orchard shed (0,9 kilometres). of Labour Relations, Private Bag 77(17, (Tauseway, within 30 days of
2. The road on the proi^rty Gwendingwe, leading from the the publication of this notice and to state whetirer or not he wishes to
Gwendingwe Road (District road 37/18), at a point qiproxi- spp^ in support of such representations at any accreditation pro-
mately 10,0 kilometres from its junction with the main Mutare- ce^ngs.
Chipinge Road (442) and proceeding north-westwards to the P. Z. DZVm,
Gwendingwe sawmill (0,4 kilometres). 3-9-93. Registrtu' of Labour Relations.