Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1990-07-13 number 50

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Published by Authority

Vol. LXVm, No. 50 13th JULY. 1990 Price 40c

G eneral N otice 396 of 1990. Name ofperson Place of seizure Articles seized
T hirty-tw o trousers
Five pairs sunglasses
F our m irrors
Seizure N otice 8 of 1990 T hree tum blers
T w o used trousers
T w o shirts
IT is hereby notified that in exercise of the pow ers conferred O ne M ouse
by section 176 of the C ustom s and Excise A ct [Chapter 177], O ne T<4hirt
the articles specified in the Schedule have been seized at the T hree dresses
places specified from the persons w hose nam es are specified Six doeks (head scarfs)
in the Schedule. Six face tow els
Subject to the provisions of section 178 of the said A ct, the N ineteen ladies* pants
persons from w hom the articles have been seized or the ow ners T hree tubes C olgate
thereof, m ay, unless the D irector of C ustom s and Excise, on T w o dish tow eU
representations m ade by any of these persons, release the Four bath soaps
articles, institute proceedings for their recovery from the T w o tea stniners
D irector w ithin six m onths from the date of publication of T hree spoons
this notice, O ne bell
O ne tum bler
R . J. M U N Y A RA D ZI, U zikflow a .... H uara . . T w enty S.A . rands
13^-90. D irector of C ustom s and Excise. U nknow n . . H arare A irport . N inety-two dollars
U nknow n . . . . I^ are . C onwes Im port and B xpoit blank
Invo ices num bers 2394-2400
Nmne^pmem Place ofsetsure Articles setz«i B levrai A ction M arketing blank
U nknow n .... Ow^ letterheads
. O ne cylinder unit being part for a
N ineteen B ureaufaz blank lettor-
video, part N o. H 0103
VnkooWB .... M ntare heads
T w o m otor car batteries
T w enty-four F.R . (R obin) D enton
T w o m otor car w heeb
U nknow n .... M utare blank letterheads
. Tw elve digital w atches
Four blank order form s for A ction
Seventeen w atch cells
U nknow n . . . . M utare . Tw elve bearings M arketing
U nknow n . . . . M utare . Six torches U nknow n .... V fetoria Palls O ne black bag containing thirteen
m alachite bangles* three m ala­
T hree digital w atches
U nknow n .... M utare chite necklaces* one elephm it
T hirty-four packets fishing books
U nknow n .... M utare tail hair bangles* one hair exten­
O ne vacuum flask
U nknow n .... M utare E ighteen hand saws sion* one ladies* digitaf w atdh*
U nknow n .... M utare T w o flasks three ladies’ elastic belts, eh ^t
red and black c apsules
O ne X irico radio
U nknow n .... V ictoria Palls T en pieces chiton je m aterial
Fourteen tins fish
T w o 4-m etres tie and dye m attfial
T hirteen m atchets
U nknow n . . . . V ictoria Fails O ne grey hand bag containing one
Four files
hundred and seventy-three
F our axe-heads
B utone com plexion cream
O ne glass bow l
U nknow n .... N yam apanda O ne m etal bar (160,2 grains)
T hree gla» plates
inscribed **Pure G old 1941
Five w aterglasses
O ne m el tw ine R eserve B ank of R hodesia 200
T hree pieces rope ounces”
U nknow n .... Plum tree . . . Fifty dollars
O ne sickle
U niM own .... M utnre T w o axes Forty rands
T w o m atdiets U nknow n .... Plum tree . . . O ne box, tw elve bottles (750 m D
w ine
Sixty-tw o pieoN m aterial
T hree sm all blankets Pour boxes* 25 each C ridcet dga-
retto lighters
O ne glass jar
T hree w aterglasses O ne box, tw elve H azel paraffin
T hree instrum ents lam ps
T hree coffee m ugs T w o packets torch batteries
U nisnown .... M utare . Sixteen sm all table clothes U nknow n . . . . num tree . . . T hree bottles M ousson body lotion
T hirty-six plates O ne bottle T op Society body lotion
Six tea trays O ne carton, six tubes hand and^
O ne siren body lotion
T hree jaie vuellQe U nkziow n . . . . Plum tree . E ight sealed beam a