Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1989-11-17 number 64


Published by Authority

Vol.LXVn.No.64 17th NOVEMBER, 1989 Price 40c

General Notice 658 of 1989. Marongwe Bus Service (Pvt.) Ltd.
ROAD M OrOH TRAINSPORHATION ACT ICHAPTER 262} 0/668/88. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity: 75.
Route: Simucfaembu-Mutimutema-Nemangwe-GtAwe-Sen-
gwa - Zhombe - Kweltwe - Gweru - Shangani - Insiza -
AppHcatioiu in Qmiwadon 'wtHi Road Service Rttiniti Bulawayo.
The service to operate as follows:—
IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor (a) depart Simuchembu Tuesday and Thursday 6.30 a m i
Transportation Act [Chaptitr 262), notice is hereby given that arrive Bidawayo 4 pan.;
the mi^catioiis delidled in die Schedidey for the isue or A)' depart Simuchembu Saturday 5.30 atn., arrive Kwekwe
amendmeM of road service jpetmits, have been received for the 10.25 a.m.;
consideration of die Controuer of Road Motor Transportation. (c) depart Simuchembu Sunday 8 am., arrive Bulawayo
person wishing to object to any such application must 5'p.m.;
lodge w te the Controller of Road Motor Transportation, (d) depart Bulawayo Monday and Wednesday 9.30 a.tn.i
P.O. Box 8532, Causeway— arrive Simuchembu 5.20 p.m.;
(a) a notice, in writiniL of his intention to objects so as to (e) depart Bulawayo Friday 4 pm ., arrive Simuchembu
reach the Contronerb office not later the 8th Saturday 0.30 am .;
December, 1989;
(b) his objection and the grounds Aerefor, on for R.M.T. (f) depart Kwekwe Saturday 11.30 am ., arrive Simucbenibu
4.10 p.m.
2A, together wiA two copiet thereof, so as to readi
tto Coiitrolte^ <^ce not later than the 29th December,
Any person objecting to an application for Ae issue or Additionals
ameMmrat of a road service pennit must confine his grounds Manicaland Fanners’ Co-operative Ltd.
of objection to matters diiectw bearing on the considerations
referred to in paragraph (a), <b), (c). 0 ), (e) or (f) of section G/306/89. Goods-vehicle. Load: 8 607 kilograms.
8 of the said Act. Area: Within Manicaland Province, wiA access to Harare
and Bulawayo.
„ „ , V. M. MUPAWOSE, Nature of carriage:
17-1W9. Contrtwer of Road Motor Transportation.
(a) Agricidtoral produce and requirements,
SdiEDDLE A) Buildmg materials and requirements.

MOTOR-OMNIBUSES Highlands Equipment (Pvt.) Ltd.
Additionals 0/307/89. Goods-vehide. Load: 30 000 kilt^rams.
Makunde Motora Area WiAin Manicaland Province, wiA access to Hararet
Gweru, Masvingo and Bulawayo.
0/663/88. MotoiMnimibus. Passenger-capwcity: 65. NaAre ol carriage:
R o ^ : H arare-N ^on-Q ilkam bi-M as^;iuwa-M urom bedzi (a) Products and requirements of the Timber Industry,
-Tafira School - Chiven Store-Sumbara-Magonde-Oriya
Sdiool - Cecilia Schocd. A) Goods, wares and merchandise of all ktods.
The service to operate at fidlowe:— (c) Steel.
(a) depart Harare Monday to Thunday 1 pan., arrive St. Midlands Milling Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
C e ^ a Sdtool 4.30 jmil;
A) depart Harare Friday 5 p.m., arrive St. Cecilia School G/308/89. Goods-vehicle. Load: 13 000 kilograms.
8.30 pan.; Area: Within Midlands Province, wiA access to Harare,
(c) depart Harare Saturday 12 noon, arrive St. Cecilia Bulawayo and Masvingo.
Sdraol 3.30 p.m.; Nature of carriage: Agricultural produce and rsqtiirements.
(<0 Harare Sunday 4 p.m., arrive St. Cedlia Sdiool
7.30 pjn.; Periodic Markets and Rural Service Centres Pilot Project.
(e) depart St. Cecilia School Monday to Saturday 5 a.m., G/323 to 327/89. Five goods-vehiclee. Load: 8 000 kilograms,
arrive Harare 8.30 a.m.; each. •
® ^ U i a S t^ o l ffiinday 9 a.m;, arrive Harare Area: Within a 120-kilometre radius of Ae post office, Rusape.
12.30 p.m. Nature of carriage: Agricultural produce and fequirements.