Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1989-10-06 number 56


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Vol. LXVITI, No. 56 6th OCTOBER, 1989 panei
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M. Sibanda.
General Notice 578 of 1989. Ex! 122 ard 163/89. Permit: 22185 and 221
04. Two taxi-
Sebas EMcurciek

By: Transfer of the permit from D. Neube.
Applications in Connexion with-Road Service Permits A. Tapfumanei. |
TX/125/89. Permit: 22637. Taxi-cab.
IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 ofthe by Road Motor By: Transfer of the permit from K. J. O. Musekiwa
ce is here given that
Transportation Act [Chapter 262],. noti .issue or
the applications detailed in the Schedule, .for ived for Nt Mhoya.
amendment of road service permits, have been sporta- TX/161/89. Permit: 20354, Taxi-cab,
Motor Tran
the consideration ‘of the Controller of Road By: Transfer of the permit from I, Mhoya.
ion must
Any person wishing to object to any such applicat on, P.O. S. Nyahondo.
lodge with the Controller of Road ‘Motor Tran TX/174/89. Permit: 25452. Taxi-cab.
Box 8332, Causeway—
object,.eo as to By: Transfer of the permits from S. A, Chirunauta.
(a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to
reach the Controller’s office not later than the
Pfumo Mini-cabs (Pvt.) Ltd.
271th October, 1989;
m R.M.T. TX/175/89, Permit: 23306. Taxi-cab.
(b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on for as to By: Transfer of the permit from 5. Takachicha.
24, together with two -copies thereof, so than the
reach the Controller’s office not later
17th November, 1989. General Notice $79 of 1989.
the issue or
Any person objecting to .an application for his, grounds
amendment of.a road:service permitmust.confine: LABOUR RELATIONS ACT, 1985
of objection to matters. directly doenring on: the considerations
referred to in paragraph (a), (b), (¢), (d),(e).or: (£) ofsection
8 of the said Act. Application for Registration of an Employers’ Organization
6-10-89, Controll er of Roa d Mot or Transportation. If is hereby notified that, in terms of subsection (1) of
section 33 of the Labour Relations Act, 1985, an Trans-
SCHEDULE hus been received for the registration of the Zimbabwe employ-
port Organization which represents the interests of the abwe.
MOTOR-OMNIBUSES ers specified in the Schedule within the area of Zimb
relating to
Amendments Any person whe wishes to make representations with
Zimbabwe Omnibus and Touring Co. Ltd. the application is invited to lodge such representa7107,Cause-
enger-capa- the Registrar of Labour Relations, Private Bagnotic
0/154/89. Permit: 15675, ‘Motor-omnibus. Pass e, and to
way, within 30 days of the publication of thissupport of such
city: 76 seated, 22 standing. state whether or tot he wishes to appear in
Route: As defined in the agreement beween the holder and
by ‘the ‘Minister in representations at any accreditations proceedings.
the Mutare Municipality .approved = Transpor tation Act
terms of section 18 of the Road Moto r
{Chapter 262]. L. G. DHLAKAMA,
By: Increase in passenger-capacity: to 25 standing. 6-10-89. Registrar of Labour Relations.

P. Chipawe. sport ope-
The interests of exsployers engaged in rural tran
TX/115/89. Permit :.23328. Taxi-cab. rations including buses.
By: Transfer of the permit from C. Z. Tawengwa.