Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1989-09-22 number 53


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Vol. LXVIL, No. 53 22nd SEPTEMBER, 1989
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General Notice 555 of 1989,
- M. Sanyangore,
ON ACT [CHAPTER 262] 0/288 /89, Motor-omnibus. Passen
oute: Harare - Bromley - Marond -capacity: 76.
Application in Connexion with Road Service Permits Winimbe - Masikana School - Direra « Ruzawi - Mera -
Road - Mere - Dowa School - Nedtho ri I - Delta - Cave
wedzo Hills, dzo Clinic - Nede-
IN terms of subsection (4) of section
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice7 of the Road Motor The service to operate as follow
the applications detailed in the Sche ig hereby given that
dule, for the issue or (a) depart Harare Monday to Sun
amendment of day 11.10 am., arrive
road service permits, have been received Nedewedzo Hills 4.05 p.m.;
the consideration of the Controller of Roa for (b) depart Nedewedzo Hills Monday
tion. d Mot or Tran spor ta- to Sunday 5.05 2.m.,
arrive Harare 9.40 a.m.
Any person wishing to object to any
lodge with the Controller of Road Motorsuch application must HIRE-CARS
Box 8332, Causeway—
Transportation, P.O, Additionals
. Seymour-Smith Safaris (Pvt.) Ltd., t/a
(a) a notice, in writing, of his intention Iwaba Safaris (Pvt.)
to ‘object, ¢o as to td.
reach the Controller’s office not later than the
" 13th October, 1989: HC/18/89. Hire-car. Passenger-capacity:
(b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on Route: Throughout Zimbabwe.
24, together with two copies ther
form R.M.T.
eof, so as to Conditions:
reach the Controller’s office not later (a) For pre-booked, organized, site-see
3rd November, 1989, than the ing tours and excur-
sions, only.
Any person objecting to an application for
amendment of a road service permit must conf the issue or
(b) All operations to ‘commence fro
m Kwekwe, only.
. Of objection to matters directly bearing on ine his grounds
the considerations HC/19 and 20/89. Passenger-capecity: 4,
to in paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) or (£) of sect each.
8 of the said ‘Act. ion Route: Throughout Zimbabwe.
Condition: |
22-9-89. Controller of Road Motor Transportati (a) For pre-booked, organized site-seeing
tours and excur-
on. sions, only.
SCHEDULE (b) All operations to commence from Kwe .
kwe, only.
Additionals -TAXI-CABS
Ganyiwa Express Motorways. Additionals

0/588 /88. Motor-omnibus, Passenger-capacity: T. Tavonezvi.
76. TX/72/89. Passenger-capacity: 4.
Route: Harare - Mazoe ~ Glendale - Chief
Alban’s - Shutu Chiweshe - St.
School - Shopo School - Mukodzongi - Chi- Route: Within a 40-kilometre radius of the
post offica,
nehasha - Chigwida - Chaona., Kadoma.
The service to operate as follows— Condition: The vehicle to stand for hire at any
| taxi-rank within the area under the jurisdiction
(a) depart Harare Monday to Thursday and of Kadoma
10.30 a.m., atrive Chaona 2.30 p.m.: Saturday Municipality.
(>) depart Harare Friday 10.30 am. and 6.30
p.m., arrive M. Charumbira.
ona 2.30 p.m. and 9.50 p.m., respectively; |
(c) depart Harare Sunday 5 p.m., arrive Chaona TX/79/89. Passenger- capacity: 4,
9.25 p.m.; Route: Within a 40-kilometre radius of post offic
(d) depart Chaona Monday to Thursday and e, Beit-
5.30 Saturday
am. and 3 pm, arrive Harare -9.30 a.m. and ridge
6.20 p.m., respectively; Condition: The vehicle to stand for hire at any
taxi authorized
(e) depart Chaona Sunday 10 am., arrive Harare 2 p.m. | -rank within the area under the jurisdiction of
bridge Rural Council. Beit-