Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1988-09-09 number 50


Published by Authority

Vol. LXVI. No. 50 9th SEPTEMBER, 1988 Price 40c

General Notice 555 of 1988. The service operates as follows—■
(a) depart Bulawayo Tuesday 9.20 a.m., arrive Mambale
Applications in Connexion with Road Service Permits 4.35 p.m.;
(b) depart Bulawayo Friday 6.20 p.m., arrive Mambale
Saturday 1.35 a.m.;
IN terms of sn'bsection (4) of section 7 of the Road M otor (c) depart Bulawayo Saturday 11.20 a.m., arrive Mambale
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice is hereby given that 6.35 p.m.;
the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue or (d) depart Mambale Wednesday 4.50 a.m., arrive
amendment of road service permits, have been received for the Bulawayo 11 am .;
consideration o f the Controller of Road M otor Transportation.
(e) depart Mambale Saturday 2.50 a.m., arrive Bulawayo
Any person wishing to object to any such application must 8 a.m.;
lodge with the Controller of Road M otor Transportation,
P.O. Box 8332, Causeway— (f) depart Mambale Sunday 8.50 a.m., arrive Bulawayo
3 p.m.;
(a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so as to
reach the Controller’s office not later than the 30th Route 2:
September, 1988; (a) depart Bulawayo Thursday 10.15 a.m., arrive Mambale
(b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form R.M.T. 5.15 p.m.;
24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the (b) depart Bulawayo Sunday 6 p.m., arrive Mambale
Controller’s office not later than the 21st October, 1988. Monday 1 a.m.;
Any person objecting to an application for the issue or (c) depart Mambale Monday and Friday 6 a.m., arrive
amendment of a road service permit must conflne his grounds Bulawayo 1 p.m.
of objection to matters directly bearing on the considerations
■referred to in paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), or (f) of section The service to operate as follows—
8 o f the said Act.
Route 1: No change.
Route 2:
A. M. CHIDAWANYIKA, (a) depart Bulawayo Monday and Wednesday 2.15 p.m.,
9-9-88. Acting Controller of Road M otor Transportation. arrive Mambale 9.15 p.m.;
(b) depart Bulawayo Thursday 10.15 a.m., arrive Mambale
I Schedule 5.15 p.m.;
MOTOR-OMNIBUSES (c) depart Bulawayo Sunday 6 p.m., arrive Mambale
1 p.m.;
Amendments (d) depart Mambale' Monday and Friday 6 a.m-, arrive
Bulawayo 1 p.m.;
Pelandaba Bus Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
(e) depart Mambale Tuesday and Thursday 2 a.m., arrive
0/422/87. Permit: 16639A. Motor-omnibus. Passenger- Bulawayo 9 a.m.
capacity: 76.
Route 1: Bulawayo - Matopos - Kezi - Hakima - Bidi Area - Additionals
Magobane - Mam bale.
Route 2: Bulawayo - Matopos - Kezi - Malaba - Mambale. Kumuka Bus Service (Pvt.) Ltd.
Route 3: To operate as and when required during three days 0/105/88. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity: 76.
at the beginning and end of each school term and on public Route: Throughout Zimbabwe.
holidays, for the conveyance of persons connected with
school activities to and from Bulawayo and (1) Umzingwane Conditions:
Government School, (2) Usher Institute; (3) Cyrene Mission; (a) For private hire or charter and for advertised or
(4) Tshelamyambe and (5) Gobatama Mission. organized tours, provided no stage carriage service is
operated on any route.
Condition: (b) All operations to commence within a 24-kilometre
Route 1: Between Bulawayo and Antelope Mine in both radius of Musami Mission.
directions: the same passenger shall not picked up or set
down, both places inclusive. Note.—This application is made to reinstate permit 21740,
By: R oute 2: Increase in frojuencies. which expired on the 31st January, 1988.