Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1988-05-03 number 25

__ Published by Authority -

Vol. LXVI, No.25 3rd MAY, 1988 Price 40c

_ General Notice 257A of 1988. | General remission of imprisonment
6. (1) Subject to subparagraphs (2), (3) and (4), every _
_. CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE person serving a determinate period of imprisonment who, on
the 19th April, 1988, had— . oo.
_ Clemency Order No. 1 of1988, General Amnesty (a) already served not less than one-thirdofhis period of
- imprisonment;and = .
- IT is hereby notified that the ActingPresident has made the: (b) twelve months or Jess of his period of imprisonment
orderset out inthe Schedule. still to serve; -
8, D. MNANGAGWA, is hereby granted a remission of the remainder of his period of
Minister of Justice, Legal and imprisonment,
3-5-88, Parliamentary Affairs. _ (2) Subparagraph (1)does not apply— | Co
. (a) to any habitual ciiminalserving a sentence’of extended
imprisonment; or _ ae oo
CLEMENCY ORDER No.1 oF1988. (b) to any person who escaped from prison custody on
- GENERAL AMNESTY. a or before. the 18th April, 1988, and wasstill at large _
on the 19th April, 1988; or Oo
As part of the continuing celebrations of the installation of
the first Executive President of Zimbabwe and in order to (c). in respect of any sentence for a specified offence. .
consolidate the unity of all the people of Zimbabwe, I do | (3) Subparagraph (1) is intended solely to bring about
hereby make the following order in terms of section 31I of the_ the release forthwith of the persons concerned from periods
Constitution of Zimbabwe :— of imprisonment being served on the 19th April, 1988. In all
other respects, every sentence of imprisonment to which a
.1. This order may be cited as the Clemency Order No. 1 released person is subject will remain in full force and effect; in
of 1988. Ho particular, where the released person was serving the unsus-
Interpretation pended part of a sentence of imprisonment part of which was
2. For the avoidance of doubt, references in this order to suspended on conditions, the suspended part of the sentence
dissidents and their activities do not apply to any person who will remain of full force and effect and will be liableto be
has acted as the agent, or in theinterests, of any foreign State served if such conditions are contravened. .
_ or foreign organization or to his activities as such. (4) For the purposes of thisparagraph— .
a Pardon for dissidents — “imprisonment” includes detention imposed under the
3. (1) Subject to subparagraph (2), a free pardon is hereby Defence Act [Chapter.94};
granted to every dissident in respect of any offence committed “period of imprisonment”, in relation to a person who, on
by himbefore the 19th April, 1988, in the course of or in ' the 19th April, 1988, was subject to two ormore
‘connexion with his activities as a dissident and for the purpose effective terms of imprisonment, means—
of promoting or furthering any objective relating to the form — (a) where the sentences are running concurrently,
or mode.of government of Zimbabwe. the period of the longer or longest sentence;
(2) Subparagraph (1) applies only to persons who were _(b) where the sentencesare not running concurrently,
at large on the 19th April, 1988, and who onor before the 31st ‘the aggregate of the several sentences of imprison-
May, 1988, report to the police in order to claim the. benefit ment; :
of this pardon. So “specified offence” means-—
Pardonfor collaborators with dissidents (a) murder, armed robbery, robbery, rape, house-
breaking -with intent to commit any offence,
4, A free pardon is hereby granted to every person in theft, fraud, bribery, any offence under the
respect of any offence involving collaboration with dissidents, Prevention of Corruption Act, 1985, or any
including any offence under section 51 of the Law and Order offence involving the importation, exportation,
(Maintenance) Act [Chapter 65], committed by him before the dealing in or possession of the drug commonly
19th April, 1988. | known as mandrax;
Pardon for PF ZAPUpolitical fugitives from justice (b) anyconspiracy, incitement or attempt to commit
5. (1) A free pardon is hereby granted to every PF ZAPU any offence referred to in paragraph (a);
political fugitive from justice in respect of every offence (c) being an accessory after the fact to any offence
committed by him in good faith before the 19th April, 1988, for referred to in paragraph (a) or (b). .
the purpose of promoting or furthering the objectives or Given under my thand at Harare this twenty-eighth day
interests of PF ZAPU. of April, 1988. a
(2) For the purposes of subparagraph (1), “PF ZAPU S. V. MUZENDA,
- political fugitive from justice’ means any member or former Acting President.
member of PF ZAPU who, as at the 19th April, 1988, had left By command of the Acting President.
or was remaining outside Zimbabwe in order to avoid criminal
proceedings being taken or continued against him in respect EB. D. MNANGAGWA,
of any offence referred to in subparagraph (1). Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliament Affairs,