Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1988-04-29 number 24


Published by Authority

29th APRIL, 1988 Price 40c
Vol. LXVI, No. 24
|; (b) depart Harare Tuesday, Thursday
and. Sunday 6 a.m.,
General Notice 242 of 1988. | arrive Hwange.3.15 p.m. a
enger-capacity: /
d Service Permits — geotS Permit: 25292. Motor-omnibus. Pass
Applications in Connexion with Roa
_- Guy's Cliff Lo
d Mot or Route: Harare - Murewa - Zhombe - Jani
the Roa Rwenya.
IN termsof ‘subsection (4) of sect ion 7 of
eby giv en that " Chikore - Nemanje - Mazarura - Makanza-
ce is her
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], noti le, for the issue OF . - By: me .
the applications deta iled in the Sch edu
have been received for the uencies.
(a) Increase in freq
amendment of road service permits, or Transportation. -
eration of the Controller of Road Mot
- consid (b) Alteration to times...
h application must The service operates as follows— .
Any person’ wishing to object to any suc sportation, P.O. 9 a.m.,
- lodge with the Controller of Road Mot
or Tran
(a) depart Harare Monday, Wednesday.and Saturday .
. _ arrive Rwenya 4 p.m.; ne
Box 8332, Causeway—
n’ to object, so as to: a.m., arrive
(a) anotice, in writing, of his intentio n the 20th May, (b) depart. Rwenya Tuesday and Thursday 6
reach the Controller’s office not later tha ‘Harare 1240 pm;
: .
m R.M .T. (c) depa rt Rweé nya Sunday 10. a.m., arrive Harare 4.40 p.m.
efor; on for
(b) his objection and the grounds ther eof, so as te reach je ~The service to operate as follows—
24, together with two cop ies ther @) ay and Satur- . .
Controller’s office not later than the
10th ‘une, . depart Harare ‘Monday, Wednesday, Frid .
ion for the issu e or day 8 a.m., arrive Rwenya 2 p.m.;
Any person objé ctin g to an appl icat ve
a roa d serv ice per mit mus t conf ine his grounds (b) depa rt ‘Rw enya Tuesday and Thursday 6 am., arri
amendment of g on the considerations Harare 12 noon;— - —
of objection to matters directly bearin(4), (e) or () of section ve Harare 8.35 p.m.;
referred to in paragraph (a), (0), (c), (©) depart Rwenya Friday 2.30 p.m., arri
8 of the saidAct. ee re 4.05 p.m. —
~ (d) depart Rwenya Sunday 10 aim., attive Hara
sportati Kukura Kurerwa Bus Co.
29-4-88. Acting Controller of Road Motor Tran olsen”. Permit: 25479. Motor-omnibus. Passe nger- capac ity: |

ScHEDULE Hilltop - Chinhoyi -
Route: Mhangura - Dedzi _ Umboe -- Wellesley - Nyabira -
- ‘MOTOR-OMNIBUSES Banket - Trelawney - Darwendale
| Harare. .
~ Amendments By:
- F Pullen.
s. Passenger-capacity: (a) Increase in frequencies.
501386187. Permit: 25674. Motor-omnibu (b) Alteration to times.
- Kwekwe - Kadoma - The service operates as follows—
Route: Lupani - Mkarati - Nkayi (a) depart Mhangura Monday, Tuesda 0 a.m.;
y and Thursday to
Chegutu - Harare. Saturday 7.30 a.m., arrive Harare 11.5
. am., arrive Harare
By: .
t Cross - Hwange (b) depart Mbangura Sunday 8.30
(a) Extension, of route from Lupani - Det 12.50 p.m.;
(b) Alteration to times and frequencies. nesday to Saturday
(c) depart Harare Monday and Wed
Theservice operates as follows— and Sunday 7 a.m.,
2 p.m., arrive Mhangura 6.15 p.m.
(a) depart Lupani Wednesday, Friday ve Mhangura 8.15 p.m.
(d) depart Harare Sunday 4 p.m., arri
arrive Harare 3.23 p.m.; The service to operate as follows—
Saturday 9.30 a.m., 7 a.m., arrive
(b) depart Harare Tuesday, Thursday and (a) depart Mhangura Monday to Sunday
arrive Lupani 5.34 p.m.; Harare 10 a.m.; ——
The service to operate as follows— 2 p.m. arrive Mha-
and Saturday 6 a.m., (b) depart Harare Monday to Sunday
(a) depart Hwange Monday, Wednesday ngura 5 p.m.
arrive Harare 3.15 p.m.; -