Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1987-11-27 number 67


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€ _ Vol. LXV, No. 67 7 27th NOVEMBER, 1987
ngo - Mushwe School _
Route: Harare - Chivhu - Chaka - Masvi
General Notice 825 of 1987. Chamisa - Hama Township.
By: Alteration to times. .

Theservice. operates as follows—

vice Permits.
_ Applications in Connexion with Road Ser (a) depart Harare Monday 3.30 pm.
arrive Hama
Township 10.37 p-m.;
IN terms of subsection (4) of sect ion7 of the Road Motor t Harare Tuesday to Friday 2.15 p.m.,
arrive Hama
[Cha pter 262] , noti ce is here by given that | . (b) deparship 9.20: p.m.;
Transportation Act: Schedule, for the issue o1
“ Town
arrive Hama Town-
the applications detailed in the have been received for the *(c) depart Harare Sunday 12.30 p.m., ‘ .
amendment of road service perm Road Motor Transportation. ship 7.37 pm; -
roll er of . 5 am,
cons ider atio n of the Cont ship Mond ay to Satu rday
any such application must (d) depart Hama Town ;
Any person wishing to object to r Tran spor tati on, P.O. arrive Harare 12.07 p.m.
roll er of Roa d Moto
lodge with the Cont
Theservice to opera te as follows—
Box 3332, Causeway— (a) depart Flarare Monday 3.30 p.m,
arrive Hama Township
intention to object, so as to
(a) a notice, in writing, of his
offic e not later than the 18th 8.26. pam;
Contr oller ’s attive Hama
(b) depart Harare Tuesday to Friday 2.15 p.m.,
reac h the
‘December, 1987; T. Township 7 p.m.;
(b) his objection and the grou nds therefor, on form RM.the a Township
24, together with two copi es there of, so as to reach ‘(c) depart Harare Sunday 12.30 p.m., artive Ham :
8th January, 1988. —
Controller’s office not later than the -5.26 p.m.;
5 am.
ication for the issue or (d) depaxt Hama Township Monday to Satu rday
Any person objecting to an appl must confine his grounds .
amendment of a road ‘serv ice perm it arrive Harare 10.53 a.m.
bearing onthe considerations
of objection to matters directly (c), €d), (e) or © of section
referred to in paragraph (a), (b), sOl9187- Permit: 27216. Motor-omnibu
s. Passenger-capacity:
8 of the said Act.. A. M. CHIDAWANYIKA,
; - Ngomaburu -
Acting Contro lle r of Roa d Motor Transportation. Route: Harare - Chivhu - ‘Mvuma - Masvingo
27-11-87. hip.
Village 9 - Village 23 - Mashate Towns
MOTOR-OMNIBUSES (a) Alteration to times.
day and Saturday
Amendments — .
: (b} Extension . of Tuesday to Thurs a.
services between Harar e and Mvum
Tombs Motors (Pvt.) Ltd. ty:
nibus. Passenger-capaci
Q/297/87. Permit: 26066, Motor-om oo The service operates as follows—
pm, arrive Mashate
76. °
a - Masvingo - Nyika - (a) depart Harare Monday 12.30
‘- Glen coe - Mas hav

Route: Gwe ru - Town ship 8.41 p.m.;
Tanganda Halt - Chisumbanje. and Saturday
Mvuma Tuesday to Thursday
(b) depart p.m.;
By: Alteration to times. 12.20 pm., arrive Mashate Township 5.09
_ e Masha te Township
" The service operates as follows— () _ depart Harare Friday 5.30 p.m., arriv
(a) ‘depart Gweru Mon day , Wed nesday and Friday 9 a.m., Saturday 2.11 am.;
arrive Chisumbanje 4.30 ‘p.m;
, day to Thursday and
and Sunday (d) ‘depart Mashate Township Tues
umba nje Tues day, Thur sday rday 6 aim., arriv e Mvu ma 11.31 am.;
(b). depart: Chis Satu
5 am., arrive Harare
7,30 a.m., artive Gweru 3.30 p.m. r (©) depart Mashate Township Friday
follows— = ~ 1.43 p.m; /
‘The service to operate as y and Friday 7 a.m., _ (f) depart Mashate Township Sunday 6.30 a.m., arrive
Gwe ru Mon day , ‘We dne sda
(a) depart .
arrive Chisumbanje 4.30 p.m.; ’ Harare 3.21 p.m.;
rt Chis umba nje Tues day, Thur sday and Sunday - e as foll ows—
(b) depa | ‘The service toop erat
1.35 p.m. sday and Saturday
_-.. 4.30 a.m, arrive Gweru (a) depart Harare Monday to Thur ship 5.32 p.m.; °
12.30 p.m., arri ve Mash ate Town
Chitanda and Sons Bus Service (Pvt.) Ltd. (b) depart Harare Friday 5.30 p.m., arriv
e Mashate Township
s. Passenger-capacity:
760BR Permit: 26962. Motor-omnibu 10.32 p.m.; ~