Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1987-10-30 number 62



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+ 30th OCTOBER, 1987, ° se Price 40¢
"Vol. LXV, No.62 ! -
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General Notice 761 of 1987.
cePe rmits . G/445/87. Goods-vehicle, Load: 9 860 kilograms.
- Applications in Connexion with Road Servi Area: Within Mashonaland Hast, Central and —
West, Manica-
jand, Midlands and Masv ingo provi nces.
7 of the Road Motor
IN terms of subsection (4) of section e is hereby given that Nature of carriage: Livestock.
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notic
Condition: Standard interlocking condi tion. °
‘the applications detailed in the ts,Schedule, for the issue or | ~
have been received for
G/446/87. Trailer. Load: 10 000 kilograms.
amendmen t of road servi ce permi
Motor Trans-
the consideration of the Controller of Road as in the road service permit
=. . . os Area/Route: Shall be the same the trailer.
portation. cation ot in respect to vehic le towi ng
_ Any person wishing to object to anysub appli
. ‘ansP9 ” on; wature of carriage: Shall be the same as thein the road service
. lodge poe Contr ofler _of oa otor t of the vehicl e towing trailer.
permit in respec
to object, so as to
- (a) a notice, in writing, of his. intention than the 20th . TAXI-CABS
reac h the Controller's office not later
- Additionals
November, 1987; : . . .
on form R.M.T, ee.
_(b) his objection and the grounds therefor,
of so as to reach Avondale Taxis and Car Hire (Pvt.) Lid.
24, together with two copies therethe TX/103/87. Taxi-cab. Passenger-capac
ity : 3.
“area. Within a 40-Kil/ ometre radius of the . General Office,
11th December,
Bo the Controller’s office not later than
1987. a,
for the issue Harare.
- Any person objecting to an application The,veaebicle
ion: Avonl to stand for ex, in the
hire off parking area
of road serie perm mS confin e Bse . Condit Shoppin g Compl the Lo di
or amendment on of the Lomaguncr
grounds of objection to matters directly,(a),bearing
(), ©, Road. ° PP = maple ne
considerations referred to in _paragraph
(e) or (f) of section 8 of the said Act. . | Note—This application is madeto reinstate permit No. 24560,
A. M. CHIDAWAN YIKA, expired on the 30th Séptember, 1987. which
ne t
Acting Controller
r Trans of
portation. > Taxi-cab. Passenger-capacity:
oo : Road Moto re radiu s of the Gener al Post Office, °
30-10-87. Area: Within a 40-kilomet
OS : Harare.
a :
Condition: ‘The vehicle to stand for hire at the shopping
oe . centre in Strathaven, off Suffolk Road, only.
- Additionals MOTOR: OMNIBUSES permit No. 24559, .
Note.—This application is made to reinstate |
Shinga Express (Pvt.) Ltd,
; | “which expired on the 30th September, 1987.
: 76.
0/562/87. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity §. Muchirahondo. oO
- Mvum a ~ Masvingo -
Route 1: Nembudziya - Kadoma : .

oo . post office
Jerer a.
ya + Masora - Kadoma Turn-off - Athaa Baaeee the
Route 2: Nembudzi - . ,
ae, . Chipinge.
. Kwekwe. for hire at Musi ka Bus
Condition: The vehicle to standonly.
‘The service to operate as follows—
a ‘ . Terminus and Gaza Beer-hall, ,
Route 1:
Note -—Th is appli catio n is made to reins tate perm it No. 24079,
(a) depart Nembudziya Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday which expir ed on the 3ist Janua ry, 1987.
-6.30 am., arrive Jerera 5.30 p.m.; y and Briday
(b) depart. Jerera Monday, Wednesda . R. Ngoshi. | , -
6.30 a.m., arrive Nembudziya 5.30 p.m.
TX/106/87. Taxi-cab. Passenger-capacity: 3.
Route 2: s of the post office, Chivhu.
e Kwekwe Area: Within a 40-kilometre radiu
(a) depart Nembudziya Saturday 5.30 .a.m., arriv Condition: The vehicle to stand for hire at any authori zed
- 10,30 a.m; . the jurisdiction of the
Nembudziya taxi-ra nk within the area under
(b) depart Kwekwe Saturday 1 p.m., arrive . “~ 4 Chivhu Area Board.
6 p.m. : e permit No, 24523,
is made to reinstat
permit No. 24760, Note.—This application 30th September, 1987.
Note-—This application is made to reinstate - | which expire d on the .
which expired on the 30th September, 1987.

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