Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1987-06-12 number 33


Published by Authority °~

Vol. LXV, No. 33 12th JUNE,1987 Price 40¢

General Notice 404 of 1987, , Gi) all the functions of the Minister of Foreign’ Affairs -
POSTAL ANDTELECOMMUNICATION SERVICES ACT to the Honourable §. S. Mumbengegwi, M.P., from
. the 3rd June, 1987, during the absence from Zimbabwe,
ICHAPTER 250). on duty, of the Honourable W: M. Mangwende:.. M.-P.
Information Concerning the Issue of New. Postage Stamps: 12-6-87, Secretary to the Prime Minister and Cabinet.
Girl Guides Association of Zimbabwe—7Sth Anniversary, 1987
(Postal Notice 9 of 1987) ~
General Notice 407 of 1987.
- IT is hereby notified that.a commemorative issue of four- LABOUR RELATIONS ACT, 1985
- postage stamps in: the denominations of 15c,:23c, 35c and $1
depicting the three folds of Promises of the Guide Movement
Application for Variation of Scope of Registration:
' which are duty to God, country and others will be placed on
. ‘of a Trade Union
sale atall: post offices/postal and telegraph and postal agencies
on Wednesday, the 24th June, 1987.
The issue will be withdrawn from sale after close of business IT is hereby notified that, in terms of subsection -(1) of
on Wednesday, the 23rd September, 1987, unless stocks are section 39 of the Labour Relations Act, 1985, an application
exhausted prior to that date. has been received for the variation of scope of registration
R. MUTAMBIRWA, of Zimbabwe Leather Shoe and Allied Workers’ Union, which
12-6-87. Postmiaster-General Designate. represents the interests of emp-oyses specified in the Schedule.
Any person who wishes to make any representations in
connexion with the application’ is invited to lodge such
General Notice 405 of 1987. : representations with the Registrar of Labour Relations, Private
Bag 7707, Causeway, within 30 days of publication of this
CENSORSHIP AND. ENTERTAINMENTS CONTROLACT notice and state. whether or not he wishes to appear in
o _ (CHAPTER78] support of such representations at any accreditation proceedings.

Appeal: The Publication “The Love Makers” by Judith Gould - 12-6-87, Registrar of Labour Relations.

IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 11 of the Censorship
and Entertainments Control (Appeal Board) Regulations, 1987, The interests of employees employed’ as— oo
published in: Rhodesia- Government Notice 907 of 1967, that
. the Appeal-Board has, in terms of subsection (3) of section 17 assistant to charge-hand in grade-five above applying. glue
of the Censorship and Entertainments Control Act [Chapter by brush or'machine; / #P mae
78], set aside the decision of the Board of Censors to. declare applying lining;
wndesirable the publication:“The Love Makers” on condition bar-tack machine operator;
that the book shall not be made available to persons under . bending machine operator;
the ageof eighteen years, os board cutter by bandsaw (powered: by an olectric motor
more than one comma one two kilowatts); .
, _H. T. MANO, carrier; : .
: Secretary, chain-stitching operator;
12-6-87. Appeal Board. hand-bagfinishing;.
charge-hand loading:
x + charge-hand moulding press; '
- General Notice 406 of 1987. chargé-hand packing department;
charge-hand preparation department;
CONSTIFUTION ‘OF ZIMBABWE chargé-hand section rolling machine;
clicking knife makers assistant;
Appointinent of Acting Ministers corner stitching machine operator;
charge-handfinishing department;
charge-hand fixing of fittings;
charge-handframingmachine; .
IT is hereby notified that His Excellency the President
~ charge-hand notching and bending machine;
has, in terms of paragraph (b} of subsection (1) of section 69
of the Constitution of Zimbabwe, assigned— ~ ; | charge-hand dispatch;. .
charge-hand high frequency plastic welding department:
(i). all the functions of the Minister of Labour, Manpower charge-handlining of suitcases;
Janning and Social Welfare to the Honourable K. M. charge-hand preparation of suitcases;
“Kangai, M.P., fro the 3rd June, 1987, during the- charge-hand rotary cutter;
absence from Zimhabwe, on duty, of the Honourable charge-hand sewing machine:
F. M. M. Shava, M.P.; . . charge-handvanity cases department;