Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1987-05-29 number 29


Published by Authority a

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29th MAY, 1987-
Vol: LXV, No. 29 = od.

between Plumtree’ and
Condition: Standing passengers f
General Notice 378 of 1987 - Tengwani only.
ATION ACT [CHAPTLER262] ate as foll ows— :
ROAD. MOTOR TRANSPORT The service to oper
wayo Mond ay, Wedn esda y and Saturday
(a) depart Bula
Service Petinits”~” 10 a.m., arrive Siwowo 1.45 p.m.;
- Applications in Connexion with Road e Siwowo 12.45p.m.3 _
‘(by depart Bulawayo Friday 9 am., arriv
Sunday 6 am.
(c) depart Siwowo ‘Tuesday, Thursday and
ion 7 of the Road Motor .
IN terms. of subsection (4) of sect ce is hereby given that
arrive Bulawayo 9.45 am5
[Cha pter 262], noti e Bulawayo 5.45 p.m.
Transpor tati on Act
the Schedule, for the issug. or (d) depart Siwowo Friday 1 p.m, arriv
‘ the applications’ detailed in
amendment of road service, perm
its, have been received for the The service to operate as follows—
d Motor Transportation.
consideration of the Controller of No change. ~
Any person wishing to obje ct to any such application must
d Motor ‘Transportation, P.O. Zimbabwe Fleetways (Pvt.) Ltd.
lodge with the Controller of Roa nibus. Passenger-capa-
ay— - Sone
0/0487. Perm it: 2303 6. Moto r-om
Box. 8332;. Causew t, so as to |-
ntio n to objec .
(a) a notice, in -writing, of his: intenot later: than the 19th ~ city: /6. |
: :
e -
Controller’s office
reach: the Hospital - Inyati Turn-off - Queens Min
Route: Inyati
June, 1987; oo. _ Airport 7Bulawayo.
therefor, on form R.M.T. Condition: No picking up or setti ort.
ng ‘down of the same
(b) his objection and the grounds so as to reac h the Airp
2A, together with two copi es ther eof,
passengersbetween Bulawayo and
the 10th Suly, 1987.
Controller's office not later than By: Increase in passenger-capacity to 20 standing
son obje ctin g to an appl ication for the issue or |. ows—
- An must confine his grounds The service operates as foll
aniendment of a road service permit Sunday 6 am,
directly bearing on the considerations. (a) depart Inyati Hospital Manday to wayo 7.47 am.
of objection to matters (c), (d); {e) oF (£) of section 11.3 0 am. and 3 p.m, arri ve Bula
referred to in paragraph (a), (b),
oo ° oo 1.07 p.m. and 4.47 pam., respectively; .
8 of the said Act. 10 am., 1.30 pm.
ANYIKA, (b) depart Bulawayo Monday to Sunday 11.2 6 am., 2.56 pm.
_A. M. CHI DAW . and 6 p.m, atri ve Inya ti Hosp ital
an r Tran spor tati on. f
29-5-87, Acting Controll er of Roa d Moto and 7.26 p.m. , respe ctive ly.
The service to operate as follows—
No change. .. .
; MOTOR-OMNIBUSES Additionals , a
- ‘Nyamutamba Transport (Pvt.) Ltd.
Amendments 76.
: . 0/82/87. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity:
Z. Maplanka.
nibus. Pass enge r-ca pa- ‘Route: Harare - Chivhu - Gutu Tum-off - Masvingo -
0/203/87. ‘Permit: 26281. Motor-om Mtilikwe - Ndang a Hospit al - Chiva mba - Ruware Ranch -
, -
city: 76. Stockhill - Chiredzi - Hippo Valley - Triangle.
i - Nopemano - Gonde-
Route: Bulawayo - Plumtree - Mpin 4 ‘The service to operate as follows—
Ndolwane - Sihore.. to Sunday
to 20 standing. {a) depart Masvingo Monday and Wednesday
By: Increase in passenger-capacity 6 am., atrive Triangle 9.25 amj3- —
tree and Mpini
Condition: Standing passengers between Plum “ ; (b) depart Harare ‘Tuesday 3.15 p.m, arrive Masvi
- only. 7.35 p.m.5 . ; -
The service operates as follows— ;
(c)’ depart Triangle Monday 11.30 am, arrive Harare
(a) depart Bula wayo Tues day, Thur sday and Saturday 7.55 ps
10 a.m., arrive Sihore 1.30 p.m.; (d) depart Triangle Wednesday to Sunday 11.30 a.m., arrive |
re 5.30 p.m;
(b) depart Bulawayo Sunday 2 p.m., arrive Siho Masvingo 3.35 pam.
(c) depart. Sihore Monday, Wednesda y, Friday and Sunday
wayo 11.3 0 a.m. _ Zimbabwe Omnibus Co.—a division of ZUPC.O.
/ 8 a.m., arrive Bula pacity: 76 seated and
0/208/87, Motor-omnibus. Passenger-ca -
- ‘The service to operate asfollows ‘
25 standing.
No change. - zi School --
Route: Tare’Township - Inyoka Estate - Zambe
. ool
| Ganye - Matanga - Gokwe..
0/205/87. Pemit, 27073. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capa- | The service to.operate as follows—.
city: 76. .
‘Route: Bulawayo - Plumtree - Tengwani
- Nyele - Nopemano ‘(a) depart Tare Township Monday to. Friday 5.05 “a.m.,
~ Masendu - Market - Siwcw o. 7,40. a.m., 10.35 am. and 1.50 pm., arrive
6.15 am., 8.50 am., 11.30 am. and 3 p.m., respectively;
By: Increase in passenger capacity to 20 standi