Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1986-09-05 number 47


Published by Authority

Vol. LXIV, No. 47 5th SEPTEMBER, 1986 Price 40c

* General Notice 598 of 1986. (c) depart Kadoma Monday and Saturday 1 p.m., arrive
Nyamweda Township 4.40 p.m.;
ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 262} (d) depart Kadoma Sunday 7 p.m., arrive Nyamweda Town­
ship.10.40 p.m.
Applic.ations in Connexion with Road Service Permits Route 2:
(a) depart Harare Tuesday 3.30 p.m., arrive Kapeta Farm
IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road 4.50 p.m.;
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice is hereby given . (b) depart Nyamweda Township Monday 5.40 p.m., arrive
that the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue Kapeta Farm 5.55 p.m.;
or amendment of road service permits, have been received (c) depart Kapeta Farm Tuesday 8.10 am ., arrive Harare
for the. consideration of the Controller of Road Motor 9.30 a.m.
Transportation. Route 3:
Any person wishing to object to any such application must (a) depart Mafuraa 'Wednesday and Friday 7.30 a.m.,
lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation, arrive Harare 10.10 a.m.;
P.O. Box 8332, Causeway— (b) depart Harare Wednesday 2.30 p.m., arrive Mamma
(a) a notice, in writing, of bis intention to object, so as to 5.10 p.m.;
reach the Controller’s office not later than the 26th (c) depart Harare Friday 6.15 pm ., arrive Mamma 8.55 p.m.
September, 1986; . The service to operate as follows—
(b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form R.M.T. (a) depart Harare Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Satur­
24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the day 7 a.m., arrive Kadoma 10.10 a.m.;
Controller’s office not later than the 17th October, 1986.
(b) depart Harare Wednesday and Friday 7 am ., arrive
Any person objecting to an application for the issue or Makoni 8.45 a.m.;
amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds
of objection to matters directly bearing on the considerations (c) depart Harare Friday 3 p.m., arrive Kagoro 4.20 p.m.;
referred* to in paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) or (f) of section (d) depart Harare Sunday 12 noon, arrive Kadoma 3.10 p.m.;
8 of the said Act. (e) depart Makoni Monday 3.45 a.m., a rriv e . Harare
R. N. TSOMONDO, 5.25 a.m.;
5-9-86. Controller of Road Motor Transportation. (f) depart Kadoma Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Saturday 12' noon, arrive Harare 3.25 p.m.;
S c h e d u le (g) depart Makoni Wednesday and Friday 9.45 a.m., arrive
MOTOR-OMNIBUSBS Harare 11.25 a.m.;
Amendments (h) depart Kagoro Friday 4.30 p.m., arrive Harare
Nyamweda Bus Service (Pvt.) Ltd. 5.45 p.m.;
0/370/86. Permit: 13371. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity: (i) depart Kadoma Sunday 4 p.m., arrive Makoni 5.45 p.m;
Route 1: Nyamweda Township - Kagoro - Mutimusakwa - A.M.K. Wholesalers (Pvt.) Ltd.
Makoni - Butterfly Mine - Chegutu - Kadoma. 0/428/86._Pennit: 20685. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity:
Route 2: Mamma - Madzongwe Tum-off - Madzongwe - 64.
Mafuka School - Nyamweda Township - Mutukwa School - Route: C hapnduka - Nemadzimba - Birchenough Bridge -
Kapeta Farm - Marirangwe South Scho'ol - Jack Davies - Nyanyadzi - Chimanimani Junction - Mutambara Hospital -
Tivoli Outspan - Harare. Biriwiri Mission - Chimanimani,
Condition: By:
Route 1: No passengers shall be picked up or set down (a) Deviation and extension o f route. Route to be Chape-
between Chegutu and Kadoma, both points inclusive in nduka - Nemadzimba - Nechishanya - Birchenough
either direction. Bridge - Nyanyadzi - Chimanimani Turn-off - Mutare -
By: Riverside - Nyazura - Rusape - Macheke - Marondera -
(a) Deletion- of the existing routes and substitution of Harare.
“Harare - Marirangwe - Nyamweda Township - Kagoro - (b) change in days of operation.
Mutimusakwa - Makoni - Three Cheers Mine - Butterfly (c) Alteration to times.
Mine - Chegutu - Kadoma.’’. The service operates as follows—
(b) Increase in frequencies. (a) depart Chapanduka Monday, Wednesday and Friday
(c) Alteration of times. 5 a.m., arrive Chimanimani 11 a.m.;
The service operates as follows— (b) depart Chimanimani Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Route 1: 2 p.m., arrive Chapanduka 8.06 p.m.
(a) depart Nyamweda Township Monday and Saturday The service to operate as follows—
7 a.m., arrive Kadoma 10.20 a.m.; (a) depart Mutare Tuesday 11 a.m., arrive Harare 3 p.m.;
(b) depart Nyamweda Township Sunday 3 p.m., arrive . (b) depart Chapanduka Thursday and Stmday 7 a.m., arrive
Kadoma 6.20 p.m.; Harare 2 p.m.;