Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1986-05-23 number 28

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Published by Authority

Vol. LXrv, No. 28 23rd MAY, 1986 Price 30c

\ General Notice 347 of 1986.
Route 2:
'f ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ^ACS: ICHAPTER 262] (a) ^ p a rt Bulawayo Monday to Wednesday 7 a.m., arrive
Dett Cross 12.20 p.m.;
Api lications in Connexion with Road' Sendee Permits (b) depart Bulawayo Thursday 9 am ., arrive Hwange
3.14 p.m.; . *
(c) d e ^ rt Dett Cross Monday to Wednesday 1 p.m., arrive
IN t e ^ s of snbse^on (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor Bulawayo 6.20 p.m.; ,
Transpoitation Art [Chapter 262], notice is hereby given that
the apphcations detailed in the Schedule, for the issue or ® Friday 11.06 a.m., arrive Bulawayo
ajnenoment of road service perriuts, have been received for
“ ^consideration of the ControUer of Road Motor Tiansporta- The service to operate as follows—
(a) depart Brfawayo Monday m d Wednesday 7 am ., arrive
, ^ y p j ^ n wishing to object to any such application must Victoria Falls 4.45 p.m.;
P ° 0 ® B ^ 8 3 3 jc a ^ ^ ^ f transportation, (b) depart Bulawayo Friday 9 am., arrive Victoria Falls
4.02 p.m.;
(a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so as to
. reach the Controller’s ofSce not later tlmn the 13& (c) depart Bulawayo Saturday 9 am ., arrive Victoria Falls
Jtine, 1986; ’ 5.55 p.m.;
(b) his objertion and the grounds therefor, on from R.M.T. (d) depart Victoria Falls Tuesday and Thursday 4.25 a.m.
arrive Bulawayo 1.50 p.m.;
tAi copies thereof, so as to reach the
Controller’s oflSce not later than the 4th July, 1986. (e) depart Victoria Falls Friday 4.05 p.m., arrive Bulawayo
y p.m.;
Any TCrsoii objecting to an application for the issue or
amendn^nt of a road service permit must Conftne his grounds CO d ^ ^ rt Victoria Falls Sunday 5.25 a.m., arrivej Bulawayo
f S X°“ matters directly bearing on the considerations 2.50 pjn. ^
S O f " ^ ' O n ^ ^ g r a p h (a), (b), (c), (d), ,(e), or (f) of section
W. Nyathi.
23-5-86. ^ _ R . N. TSOMONDO, Psnnit: 21627. Motor-omnibus, l^sseoger-capacity:
Controller of Road Motor Transportation.
Route 1: Bulawayo - Manila - Humtree - Einpandeni Mission -
SCHEDDLE ^ s tie Homestead . Sansukwe Store - Brunapeg Obodo
MOTOR-OMNIBUSES School - Mabhali School - Mzila Dam.
Amendmtnts "Bo operate as and when required during ^ b lic
F. Pullen & Son (Pvt.) Ltd. By:
0/96/86 Permit: 19302. Motopomnibus. '^ssenger-capacity:
64. (a) Itafroduction of Friday outward service and Saturday
mward service.
„ 1:.. Bulawayo
--.I Queen’s Mine - Inyathi Turn-off - Inyathi
Hospitajl - Kenilworth - Inkai Township. (b) Alteration to times.
■ Halfway Hotel - Gwaai River The service to operate as follows—

'By: ' J
Mme - Dett Cross - Hwange.

(a) Ihcitease in passenger cap ad ^ to 76.
(a) depart Bulawayo Monday 9 a.m., arrive Nzrla Dam
' 5.40 p.m.;
(b) depart Bulawayo Thursday and Saturday 9 30 am
(b) Del^titin of Route 1. arrive Nzila Dam 6.10 p.m.; ’’
Route 2: (c) depart Nzila_ Dam Tuesday. Friday and Sunday
7.20 a.m., am ve Bulawayo 3.10 pm .
(a) Extrasion of route from Hwange Jambezi - Ndhlovu
Store Victoria Falls. The service to operate as follows—
(b) A lte^tion to times, (a) depart Bulawayo Monday and Thuisday 9 a.m. arrive
(c) D dftion of Turaday and Thuisday outward services Nzila Dam 3.20 p.m.;
and Monday and Wednesday inward services. (b) depart Bulawayo Friday 6 p.m., arrive Nzila Dam
(d) Intrc^rtiim of Friday and Saturday outward services Saturday t).20 am.;
and Thursday and Sunday inward services. (c)' depart Bulawayo Saturday 10 a.m., arrive*Nzila Dam
The servia ^operates as follows— .4.20 p.m.; .
Route I: I • (d) depart Nzila Dam. Tuesday and Friday 7 am., arrive
Bulawayo 1.15 p.m.;
(a) de^lrt Bulawayo Saturday 2 p m ., arriv e Tnhai Township (e) depart Nzil^ Dam Saturday 2 a.m., arrive Bulawayo
5.50 p.nL;
8.15 a.m.; ■'
fb) depart Inkai Township Sunday 1 p.m., arrive Bulawayo (f) depart Nzila Dam Sunday 9 a.m., arriye Bulawayo
4.46 p.m. 3.15 p.m. ■'