Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1985-12-30 number 35


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26tIiJUNE, 1987
Vol. LXV, No. 35

General Notice 435 of 1987. ^
General Notice 433 of 1987. INSURANCE ACT [CH APrER 796]
Cancellation of Registration of an Insurer
Application for Registration of ^ Bmployprs’
Qr<^nization: Correction of Errors
IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 69 of the
r r is hereby notified for .general infoimation, Insurance A rt [Cftapfer * a t the Registrar of Insurmc®
has in terms of subsection (3) of section 8 of the ^ i d Ac^
Notice 41 of 1987. contained errors in camielled the registration of PmdeirtiM-Assurance Company
interests. The following interests should he excluded.
L is te d , with effect from 30th December. 1985.
The processing or preservation of—
(a) bread, bread products.' cakes, buns and similar products;

g "«>" * « «>“ “ O. M. TSHABANGU,
confections; Registrar of Insurance.
(d) aerated waters; 26-6-87.
(Q made iii assodatioii wide the dis-

te, & ^ le S .S l't.for
establishments F»«— .
y "consumption
‘h^i.la, on the premises.
General Notice 436 of 1987.
Acting Registrar of Labour Relations; Cancellation of Registration of an Insurer

IT is hereby notified, in terms of section 69 of th e Insurance
General N otice 434 of 1987. Act IChapter 7961, that the Registrar o f Insurance has, m
COMMUNAL LAND ACT. 1982 t t S i i ofTubse4ioi’ (3) of section 8 of A c L ^ c r t 'e d
the registration of Pearl Assurance Company P.L.C.. with ettect
from 30th December, 1985.
Notice of Intention to Set Aside
o f a Road: Nyamaropa-Ruangwe Road. Nyanga District .
IT is hereby notifled. in terms of section 10 of the ComiMnal Registrar of Insurance.
Tnnd A rt 1982 tta t the Minister of Local Government.
Rural and Urban Development proposed to
effect from 1st July, 1987. the arw of land specified m the
Schedule for the purpose of constructing a road.^ General Notice 437 of 1987.
All persons occupying o r using the land LABOUR BELA tlO N S ACT. 1985
Sohedfe otherwise than by virtue of a rigM held in terms of
I t S S n e s ^ ^ M in e r a ls Xct [Chapter m , are ordered o
depart permanently, with all their proMrty. from & e said Application for Registration of a Trade Union
land by the ,31st September. 1987. unless * e y ^ = < 1 ^
to occupy o r the right to use the sard land in terms of mb
section (1) of section 9 of the Communal Land Art. 1982. r r is hereby notified that, in terms -of subsection (2) of section
33 of the Labour Relations Act. 1985. an app&ation hM bem
E. C. CHIKOWORE. received for registration of Zimbabwe R u b te r Workers Union,
Minister of Local Government, Rural which represents the interests of the employees as set m the
26-6-87 and U rban Development &hedule.
Schedule Any person who. wishes to m^^^
Description o f land
An area of land approximately 113,4 _hectares jn S T o dajS o T p u W i S of'ihis notice m d state w hefter
within Nyamaropa.- Sawuuyama, S t S m thins and N y ^ ^ or not he wishes to appear in support of such representations at
North Communal Lands., in the a d m ^ h a tiv e distact any accreditation proceedings.
Nyanga. as shown by the inner edge of the black Ime on plan
number CA/319/1/87. which can be inspected, free of ctorge.
at the office ,of the Secretary for Local Governrnent. Rm al M. CHADZINYA.
and Urban Development Mukwati Buildmg. Livmgstone Acting Registrar of Labour Relations.
Avenue. Harare.