Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1984-10-05 number 76

GOVERNMENT ‘Published by Authority —

Vol. LXII, No. 76. 5th OCTOBER, 1984.. Price 30c

General Notice 706 of 1984. | Area: Within a 200-kilometre radius of the post office, Kwekwe,
_ ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 262] Nature of carriage: Livestock.:

8. J. Gandara. 4 , a:
Applications in. Connexion we Road Service Permits Gilt and 712/84. Two goods-vehicles. Load: 9 100 kilograms
e€ac .
Area: Within an 80-kilometre radius of the General ‘Post :
IN terms. of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor ‘Office, Harare.
- ee

_ Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice is hereby given that Nature of carriage’:
the applications detailed in. the: Schedule, for the issue or (a). Materials related to structural engineering, except petrol.
- amendmentof road service permits, have been received for the | pumps, petrol tanks and allied equipment. oo.
consideration of the Controller ofRoad Motor Transportation. (b) Building materials under contract.
Any person wishing to object to any such application must ‘Condition: Standard interlocking condition.
lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation, P.O.
Box 8332, Causeway—
Note.—These applications are made to reinstate permits 16743 a
and 16742, which expired on the 30th September, 1984,
@ a notice, in writing, of. his | intention to object, so as to
reach . the Controller's Office not later than the 26th
G/713 /84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 8 200 kilograms, .
“~ October, 1984; .
(b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form R.M.T. Area: Within an 80-kilometre radius of the General Post -
- 24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the Office, Harare.
Coniroller’s office ‘hot later than the 16th November, Nature of . carriage: Goods, wares and-merchandise of all™
1984... kinds.
Any person: objecting . to an application for the issue or Condition: Standard interlocking condition.
amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds Noie.—This application is made to reinstate permit 12604,
of objection,to matters directly. ‘bearing. on the considerations which expired on the 30th September, 1984.
referred to in paragraph ©), (b),, ©, ©, (),or (f) of section -
8 of the said Act. | Protectequip (Pvt.) Ltd. > \
G/734/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 3 000-kilograms,
5-10-84. " Controller ot Road Motor Transportation. Route: Bulawayo ~ Beitbridge.
| Nature of carriage: Works of art, jewellery, bullion, cash,
specie and: confidential documents, newspapers and small
- Scaepute Packages- containing goods of an urgent or sensitive nature,
" Additionals ; ot q : TAXI-CABS
_- A. .G.: Macdonald, Additionals: : -,
G/463/84. Goods-vehicle, Load: 6 000 kilograms, ‘| §. Nyahondo.
~ ‘Route: Beitbridge « Collen Bawn.- Bulawayo, TX1396 and 397/84. Two taxi-cabs, Passenger-capacity: 3
Nature of Carriage: Agricultural produce and requirements, eac .
mining and building materials and plant. Area: Within a 40-kilometre radius of.the General Post Office,
‘G/464/84. Trailer.Load: 6 000 kilograms. Condition: The vehicle to stand for hire at Queensdale .
‘Route: Beitbridge- CollenBawn - Bulawayo. Shopping Centre, only
Nature of carriage: Agricultural produce and requirements,
mining and building materials and plant. T: G. Goneke,
TX/400/84. Taxi-cab.. Paséenger-capacity: 4, '
Zimbabwe United Freight Co. Ltd. ‘(Bulwark Division). | Area: Within a 80-Kdlometre radius of the post offi 5
G/628/84, Goods-vehicle. Load: 27 000. kilograms. Highfield, —
“Area: Within-a 100-kilometre radius of thé post office, Condition: To operate from Highfield, only.
Chinhoyi. | Note.—This application is made to reinstate permit 15415,
Nature of carridge: Goods produced: or marketed by Chinhoyi which expired on the 30th September, 1983.
Breweries Ltd; and empty containers used for the said
Products under contract, Cc. Z. Tawengwa.
7 4 at and 402/84. Two taxi-cabs. Passenger-capacity:
Johnston’ss Motor Transport (vt) Ltd. eac:
G/709 -and 710/84, Two. goods-vehicles. Load: 30000 kilo- Area: Within a 40-kilometre radius of the General Post Office, -
grams each. . Harare.