Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1984-08-24 number 65


Published by Authority

Vol. LXn, No. 65 24th AUGUST, 1984' P ric e 30c ■

Geberal Notice 608 of 1984. Conditions—
ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT {CHAPTER 262] (a) standard private hire condition;
(b) to operate from Mutare and Maranke Commimal lands,
Applications in Connerion with Road Service Permits GOODS-VEHICLES
IN terms of subsection- (4) of secti|n 7 of the Road Motor Swift Transport Services (Pvt.) Ltd.
Transportation Act {Chapter 262], notice is hereby given that G/564/84. Permit: 20775. Goods-vehicle. Load: 500 kilograms.
the applications detailed' in the Sclfedule, for the issiie or Area: Within a 16-kilometre radius of the post office, Kwekwe.
amendment of road service permits, hhve been received for the Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds.
consideration of the Controller of Road Motor Transportation.
Condition: For the collection and delivery of goods whi'-h are
Any person wishing to object to any such application must to be carried, or which have been carried on the company’s
lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation, P.O , recognized trunk-services only.'
Box 8332, Causeway— ^ '
By: Increase in load to 30 000 kilograms.
(a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so as to
reach the Controller’s office not later than the Nth Chibuku Breweries Ltd.
September, 1984;
G/587/84. Permit: 22204. Goods-vehicle. Load: 10 000 kilo­
(b) his objection and the grounds, therefor, on form R.M.T. grams.
24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the
Controller’s office not later than the 5th October, 1984. Area: Within a 150-kilometre radius of the Heinrich’s Chibuku
Brewery, Chiredzi. •
Any person objecting to an application for the issue or
amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds Nature of carriage: Chibuku Traditional African beer in bulk,
of objection to matters directly bearing on the considerations draught and/or packaged form.
referred to in para^aph (a), (b), (c), ’(3), (e), or (f) of section By: Increase in load to 20 000 kilograms.
8 of the said Act,
A. Chikosha.
R. N. TSOMONDO, G/601/-84. Permit: 25029. Goods-vehicle. Load: 14 000. kilo­
24-8-84- Controller of Road Motor Transportation. grams. .
Area: Within Mazowe, Bindura, Chesa, Kandeya, Madziwa,
SCEiEDIJLE .' ' Shamva and Darwin Communal lands, with access to Harare.
Nature of carriage: Building materials, agriculttiral produce and
MOTOR-OMNIBUSES requirements.
Additionals Condition: There shall be no picking up or setting down of
Super Stores and Transport (Pvt.) Ltd. goods between the boundary of the areas of operation and
Qie place of access in either direction.
0/140/84. Motor-omnibus. Passengerkapacity: 61.
By: Deletion of the existing area of operation and the sub­
Route 1: Gweru - Lower Gweru l^ission - Mankunzani - stitution of “Within Mazowe, Bindura, Shamva, Mount
Maboleni - B.H. Store - Malisa Tahk - Tjololo - Mahlatimi Darwin, Mvurwi, Chinhoyi, Karoi, Chegutu and Kadoma
- Nkonkoni - Shambazhou - Leopard Mine - Nyakwati - Communal lands, with access to Harare.*’.
Nkuba Tum-offi - Nkai Tum-offi - Godfrey. Turn-off -
Nesigwe. ■ « Additionals
Route 2: Gweru - Lower Gweru Mission - Vungu Gate - Nyamutamba Transport (Pvt.) Ltd.
Sikombingo - Makulambila - Sogwala - F. F. Rose. G/321, 322 and 324/84. Three goods-vehicles. Load: 35000
Route 3: To and from Gweru and Fletcher High School, k ilo g r^ s each.
Lower Gweru, S t Patrick’s and Loretto Missions. Route: Harare - Plumtree.
Conditions— Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds.
(1) Route 3: For the carriage of ‘ schoolchildren on three
consecutive days at the beginning and end of each Tune-O-Mizer Centre (Pvt.) Ltd.
school term; G/562/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 29 000 kilograms.
(2) ^standard local authority condition. Route: Beitbridge - Harare - Chirundu.
Note.—This application is made to reinstate permit 15911, Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise o f all kinds.
which expired on the 31st May, 1984.
McClunes Transport (Pvt.) Ltd.
Mwayera.Transport (Pvt.) Ltd. Q/605 and 607/84. T w o goods-vehicles. Load: 30 000 kilo­
0/145 and 146/84. Two motor-omnibuses. Passenger-capacity: grams each. .
76 each. i Route: H arare- Nyamapanda.
Area: Throughout Zimbabwe. . \ , Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kind?.