Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1984-08-10 number 60

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Vol. LXH, No 60 10th AUGUST, 1984 | . Price 30c

General Notice 577 df 1984, _G/565/84. Goods-vehicles, Load: 34000 kilograms. .
ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT-[CHAPTER 262] Route: Beitbridge - Harare, ps
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds,
‘Applications in Connexion with Road Service Permits
G/566/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 34000 kilograms, =,
Area: Within Mashonaland West Province with access
- IN terms of subsection (4). of section 7 of the Road Motor - Harare . y ;
to .
Transportation Act [Ghapter 262], notice is hereby
-. the applications detailed in the Schedule, given that Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of
for the issue or all kinds.
amendment of road sérvice permits, have been; receive
consideration of the Controller of Road MotorTransp d for the
_ G/567/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 34000 kilograms, -
, Any pérson wishingto object to. any such applica Route: Nyamapanda - Harare.
lodge with the: Controllerof Road Motor Transportati tion must .
on, P.O. Nature ‘of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise
Box -8332, Causeway— of all kinds.
a i aa
(a) a notice, in writing, of his intentionto object, G/569/84. Goods-vehicle: Load: 34 000 kilogr
"reach the Coniroller’s. office not later than so as to ams.
Area: Within’ Manicaland Province with access to
the 3ist Harare.
August, 1984; : / - Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandis e ofall Kinds.
. (b) his objection anid the grounds therefor, on form
24, togethe
r with two copies thereof,-so as.to reach the G/570/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 34 000 kilograms,
Controller’s office not later than the 21st September,
- Area: Within Matabeleland South Province with
* 1984, access to
Bulawayo. .
Any person objecting to an application. for a
amendment of a road‘service permit must confin the issue or. ‘Nature ofcarriage: Goods, ‘wares and merchandise ofal] kinds,
e his grounds
of objectionto matters directly bearing on the consid
referred to in paragraph (a), (b), (c) (d), (e), erations _. G/S71/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 34.000 kilograms. _
“8 of the said Act. or (f) of section Route: Chirundu - Harare.
R. N. TSOMONDO, Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise
10-8-84, Controller of ‘Road Motor Transportation. of all kinds.
Maltruck International (itd.)
7 - SCHEDULE . ; G/378/84, Goods-vehicle. Load: 30 000 kilograms..
oo MOTOR-OMNIBUSES . -Route: Chirundu.- Bulawayo - Plumtree.
Additionals cs vo ’
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise
J. Masenda andSons (Pyt.)-Lid, led ofall kinds,
0/139/84. Motor-omnibus, Passenger-capacity: 64, _ G/379/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 30 000 kilograms.
Route 1: Harare - Marondera - Waddilove -Bonongw Route: Victoria Falls - Bulawayo - Beitbridge.
Chimanza- Mission '-' Wedza - Chingweder eFar
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merch
Mudungwe - Sango’ School - Ruswa Schoole’. Schoo] - andise of all kinds.
- Makanda: School - Ruvunga - Sabj Bridge. - Chihove --
Route 2: Harare - Marondera -Dowa.
. -_ G/380/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 30000 kilograms,
. ; Route:Chirundu - Harare- Beitbridge..
Route 3: Marondera - Dirihori School - Mupasiriwo. | Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merch
- Route 4; Marondera - Mhera - Gwatidzo - Mere andise ofall kinds,
School - Ndewedzo Hills - Bembero, Estat e - Dowa |. /
G/381/84, Goods-vehicle, Load: 30000 kilog
Conditions— rams.
Route: Victoria Falls - Bulawayo - Plumtree. .
(a) Route { and 2: There shall be no picking up and
down of the same’ passenger between Harare
setting Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds,
ndera, both points inclusive,
. G/382/84, Goods-vehicle. Load: 30000 kilograms.
(b). Standard local authority condition, Route: Nyamapanda - Harare- Beitbridge,
:Note—This application':is made to reinstate , —
permit 20030, Nature of carriage: Goods, ‘wares and merch
which expired ‘on the 3ist January, 1984, andise of all kinds.
? oe
_ GOODS-VEHICLES » Protectequip (Pvt.) Ltd. :
Additionals — G/515/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 3000 kilograms.
_ Masasa Haulage’ (Pvt) 1i Route: Bulawayo - Victoria Falls. .
/ G/368/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 34.000 kilo Nature of carriage: Works of art, jewellery,
_ Area: Within Mashonaland Central Provincegram s. and confidential documents, newspapers and bullion, cash, specie
‘Harare. : -
{with access to containing goods of ‘an urgent or sensitive small packages
. Pe . Le Ake 8
_ Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise;of all kinds.
. Note.—This application, originallypublished in
-. jeisezo8 | 512 of 1984, is General Notice
republished here with corrections, .