Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1984-07-27 number 56



Published by Authority | | .

Vol. LX, No 56 27th JULY, 1984 Price 30c

General Notice 545 of 1984, | Whelson Transport (Pvt.) Ltd.
‘ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 262) G/550 and 551/84. Two goods-vehicles. Load: 30 000 kilo-
grams each. ~
| Applications i‘in Connexion with Road Service Permits Area: Within an 80-kilometre radius of the post office, Norton.
Natureof carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds,
“IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor Condition
_. Transportation Act (Chapter 262], notice is hereby given that
the applications detailed’ in the Schedule, for the issue or
amendment. of roadsetvice permits, have been received for the
“No goods to be carried from Harare for delivery at
” Ghioheyi and vice-versa.
consideration of the Controller ‘of Road Motor Transportation. By: Condition 1; Deletion of the existing condition.
Any person wishing to object to. any such application must Additionals :
lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation, P.O. F, A. Lambat. : -
Box 8332, Causeway—~
G/161,; 163, 164, 166, 170 and 559/84. Seven goods-vehicles
(@) a notice, in writing, of |his intention to object, so as to
-reach ‘the Controller’s. Office not later than the 17th Load: 12 000 kilograms each. t
August, 1984;- Route: Chirundu - Harare. ,
(b). his objection ‘and the grounds therefor, on form R.M.T. Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise offall kinds. ©
24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the
Controller’s office not later ‘than the 7th September, 1984. G/169/84, ‘Goods-vehicle. Load: 30 000 kilograms.
Any person. objecting. to an application for the issue or | Route:‘Chirundu - Harare.
amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds Natureof carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds. |
of objection to matters. directly bearing on the considerations Astral Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
referred-to in paragraph(a), 0), (c), (d), (©)or (f) of section 8.
-*. of the said ‘Act. G/272 to 267/84. Five goods-vehicles. Load: 32 000 kilo- ~
-R, N.-TSOMONDO,. grams each. ~ .
27-71-84. . ‘Controller of Road Motor Transportation, | Route 1: Beitbridge - Chirundu- Harare.
ws ScHEDULE Natureof carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds..

MOTOR-OMNIBUSES Transport and Crane Hire (Pvt.) Ltd.
Additionals : G/504/84,. Goods-vehicle. Load: 31 600 kilograms.-
Nyamweda Bus Service (Pvt.) Lid. | Area: Throughout Zimbabwe. _
0/75/84. Motor-omnibus.. Passenger-capacity: 76. | Nature of carriage: Awkward or abnormal or indivisible goods”
_ Route: Harare - Nyamweda Township- Mubaira - St. Marks — and intergral and/or spare parts thereof.
- Umsweswe. Note.—This application is made to reinstate permit 18066, which
‘Condition: Standard local authority condition. expired on the 3ist May, 1984.
Note.—This ‘application “is made to reinstate permit 15680 Stuttaford and Company (Zimbabwe) (Pvt.) Ltd. - : an
. which expired ¢on the 31st May, 1984. G/527/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 10 000 kilograms, .
N.. Mamvura, Area: Throughout Zimbabwe.
0/80/84. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity 75. . Nature of carriage: Office and housheold furniture and effects.
Area: Throughout Zimbabwe. Condition: Standard furniture condition.
: Condition: Tostart operating from Rusape, only. Note.-This application is made to reinstate pemmit 19925,
which expiredon the 3ist January, 1984.
Tauya Coach Services (Pvt.) Ltd. : a
‘Q/136/84. Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity: 76. G/528/84 .Goods-vehicle. Load: 25000 kilograms... i
Area: Throughout Zimbabwe.- oe Area: Within an 80-kilometre radius of the General Post
Office, Harare.
- GOODS-VEHICLES a Condition: Standard interlocking condition,
Amendments. . Note—This application is made to reinstate permit “17661,
. Zimbabwe United Freight Co. Ltd., Bulwark Division. which expired on the 31st January, 1984.
G/533/84. Permit: 17917, ‘Goods-vehicle, Load: 13 100 kilo-
grams: G/530/84, Goods-vehicle. Load: 15 000 kilograms.-
_ Area: Throughout Zimbabwe. Area: Throughout Zimbabwe.
Nature of carriage: Poducts of Bulawayo Bottlers vt). Ltd. Nature of carriage: Office and household furniture ‘ind effects.
and empty containers used for the said products under cont- Condition: Standard furniture condition.
“pact. Note—This application is made. to reinstate perinit19926,
By: Increrse in load to 15000 kilograms. which expired on the 31st January, 1984.