Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1984-07-25 number 55


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| Vol. LXI, No55 _ 25th JULY, 1984 Price30c

General Notice 544A:of 1984. SCHEDULE
_ PARKS ANDWILD LIFE ACT, 1975 Name and location of warehouse Description of warehouse
Notice ofIntention to Appoint an Appropriate Authority Zidlec Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd., A lockable enclosure,’
for Amapongokwe Dam : ‘ concrete and’ brick on
Stand 77373 A,
10, Stuhardt Place, four sides, two: sides wire
NOTICE is hereby given, in terms of section 72 of the Arcadia, mesh, and concréte roof,
-Parks and WildLife Act, 1975, that the Minister of Natural - of total area 90,21 m’ in
Resources and Tourism intends to declare the Gweru-Shurugwi the west corner of the
Rural Council as the appropriate authority for the waters of - basement of Arcadia
the Amapongokwe Dam. a Supermarket (Pvt.) Ltd.
Any person who wishes to make representations in regard
to this matter. is invited to do so, in writing, and to submit
‘them to the Director .of National Parks and Wild Life
Management, P.O. Box 8365, Causeway. — General Notice 544C of 1984.
-. All representations received before 12 noon on Monday,
the 27th August, 1984, willbe considered by the Minister in. EMERGENCY POWERS (INVESTIGATION OF STATE
terms of the Act... ay CLAIMS) REGULATIONS, 1984
oe 5 mo _ G. F. T. CHILD,
Director of National Parks & Wild Life =

25-7-84, | “Management.
Revocation of Declaration of Specified Person |
- General Notice 544Bof 1984. So a

Bonded Warehouse Notice 9 of 1984 THE - declaration of the following’ person as‘ a specified
person. in. terms of the Emergency Powers (nvestigation of
State Claims) Regulations, 1984, is hereby revoked—’* :
IT is herebynotified that, in the exercise of the powers
conferred upon ‘the Controller of Customs and Excise by
section 57. of the Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 177], Consignee Consignor Customs Company (Private) Limited.
the warehouse specified in the Schedule, which has been
approved by the Controller, is appointed as a bonded warehouse |
“for the warehousing and securing-of goods without payment __ E.J.M.ZVOBGO,
of duty under the Act, =
D. C, HALEY, Minister of Justice, Legal
25-7-84, Controller of Customs and Excise. | 25-7-84. and Parliamentary Affairs.

' General Notices
Number. . co Page
5444. Parks and Wild Life Act, 1975:. Notice of Intention to
- Appoint an Appropriate Authority for Amapongokwe Dam. 599
S544B. Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 177]: Bonded Warehouse
Notice 9 of 1984. = me mee SD
599 .
544C. Emergency Powers (Investigation of State Ciaims) Regulations,
- 1984: Revocation of Declaration of Specified Person

Statutory Instrument Issued as a Supplement to this: Gazette Extraordinary
215D. Proclamation 9 of 1984: Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Printed by the Government Printer, Harare. 599