Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1984-06-29 number 47

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Vol. LXII No. 47. 29th JUNE, 1984 Price 30c¢

~General Notice 471of 1984. | Manchip and Tingle (Pvt.) Ltd.
ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 262] G/477/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 24 000 kilograms.
Area: Within an 80-kilometre radius of the postoffice, Chegutu.
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all Kinds.
Applications in Connexion with, Road Service Permits Condition: oe interlocking condition.
Note.—This pplication is made to reinstate permit 16051,
' which expired on the 31st May, 1984.
“IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor J. Tennett andSons Ltd.
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice is hereby given that
the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue or ' G/478/84. Goods-vehicle. Load: 28 000°kilograms. *
amendment of road service permits, have been received for the Route: Nyamapanda - Harare.
‘consideration of the Controller. of Road Motor Transportation, Nature ot carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all Kinds.
‘Any person. wishing to object to any such application must
lodge with the Controller of Road Motor. Transportation, P.O. TAXI-CABS
Box 8332, Causeway— — Additionals © - ; .
2 1a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so 2s to D. M. Mwoto.
reach the Controller's office | not later than the 20th
. July, 1984.00 - TX/47/84. Taxi-cab. Passenger-capacity: 3.
@) his objection andthe grounds therefor, on form R,MT. Area: Within a 40-kilometre radius of the post office, Gweru.
24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the Condition: The vehicle to stand for hire at Sukamini shopping
Controller's office not later than the10th August, 1984, centre and at any authorized taxi-rank within the area under
‘Any person objecting to an application for the issue or the jorisdiction of the: Gweru Municipality.
amendment of a road service permit must confine his.grounds
of objection ‘to matters directly bearing on the considerations A. Zita.
- referred to in paragraph a), (b), (c), ©, © orr of section 8 xp and’ 149/84. Two taxi-cabs.( passonger-capacity:. 3
of the said Act. eac!
R. N TSOMONDO, Area: Within a A0-kifometre radinis of the General Post Office,
. 29-6-84, " Controller of Road Motor Transportation Harare.
only The’ vehicle to stand for hireat Holiday Inn Hotel, |
only. —
oo ‘GOODSVEHICLES S. Machiya. :
Additionals . a
TX/156/84. Taxi-cab. Passenger-capacity: 4
Dora Agricultural Society.:
FS/4/84. Goods-vehicle, Load: 7 300. kilograms, Area: Within a. 40-kilometre radius of the General Post Office,
Area: Marapara - ‘Nyamnetsa_ - Tsoro Farms = Centenary
- Village - Mvurwi ~ Glendale “ Concession - Chinhoyi - Condition: The ‘vehicle to stand for hire at a rank in town or at
Msoneddi - Harare. Rimuka taxi-rank, only.
Nature of carriage: "Livestock, » agricultural produce and Note—This application is made to reinstate permit 22195,
“Fequirements. _ which expired: on 3ist May, 1984. -

C.L.M. Transport (Pvt) Ltd, : TRANSFERS
G/445/84. Goods-vehicle. ‘Load: 30 000kilograms. Cheziya Bus Service (Pvt.) Lid.
Route1: Harare - ‘Chirundu. . 0/72/84. Permit: 22689. Motor-omnibus.
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds.
By: Transfer of the permits from J. Kuhudzehwe.
Glens Corporation (Pvt) Ltd.
Transport and Crane Hire (Pvt) Ltd.
G/469/84. Goods-vehicle. ‘Load: 23.000 kilograms.
‘Area: ‘Within an ‘BO-kilometre radius of the General,‘Post G/385 to 388/84. Permits: 21148, 21147, 21 146 and 21145,
‘Office, Bulawayo. Fourtrailers. .
‘Nature of carriage: Goods, ‘wares and. merchandise of all kinds, By: Transfer of the permits from . Zimbabwe United Freight
Condition: Standard interlocking condition. Company Limited (Thorntons Division).
Note—This application is made to reinstate ‘permit 20312, Note-—These applications, originally published | int General
which opineon the31st May, 1984. _ Notice 374, of 1984, are republished here with’ corrections,