Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-12-23 number 74


em a oe Published by Authority °

Vol. LXI, No. 74 - . 23rd DECEMBER,1983 Price 30c

General Notice 987 of 1983. a _ TAXI-CABS
a oes mS , 'Amendment ~
TX/204/83. Permit: 24731. Passenger-capacity: 3.
Area: Within a 40-kilometre radius of the post office, Murewa.
| Applications in Connexion with Road Service Permits Condition: ‘The vehicle to stand for hire at Chivhu Township _
~ 3 ‘Ye: . .

By: Deletion of the existing condition and the substitution
_IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor of “The vehicle to stand for hire at Murewa Shopping
. ‘Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice is hereby given. that _ Centre only.”.
’ the applications detailed. in ‘the Schedule, for the issue or Additionals
amendment of road service permits, have been received forthe m _
consideration of the Controller of Road Motor Transportation. JW. Marihwa. |
TX/204 and 225/83. .Two taxi-cabs, Passenger-capacity:
Any person wishing. to object to any such application must 3 eac! 2 . ;
lodge with the’ Controller of Road Motor. Transportation, Area: Within a 40-kilometre radius of the General Post Office,
. P.O. Box 8332, Causeway— os oo
_ (a) a notice, in writing, of. his intention to object, so as to Condition: The vehicles to stand for hire at the Speke Avenue
reach the Controller’s office’ not later than the 6th taxi-rank, Town House,only.
January, 1984; and Ce
(b) this objection and the grounds therefor, on form R.M.T.
_ 24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the Mboma Motors (Pvt) Ltd. = it .
Controller’s office not than the 27th January, 1984. _0/335/83. Permit: 16796. Motor-omnibus. . ——
- Any person objecting to an application for the issue or By: Transfer Of the permit from Matambanadzo Bus Service
. amendmentof a road servicepermit must confine his grounds | (Pvt.) Ltd. . .,
of objection to matters directly bearing on the considerations
referred to in paragraph (a), by: (c), (d), (e) or () of section
_ 8 of the said Act. ~ : . , General Notice 988 of 1983.
_ 23-12-83. : Controller of Road Motor Transportation.
Renewal of Road Service Permits
HOLDERSofroad service permits which are due to expire’
| GOODS-VEHICLES - on the 31st January, 1984, are reminded that applications for
’ Additionals oe a
-senewal thereof must be fodged, on form R.M.T.8, with. the.
K. A. Chigombe and P, Makamure. Controller of Road Motor Transportation, P.O. Box 8332,
G/594/83. Trailer. Load: 11 320 kilograms. : Causeway, not Jater than the ist January, 1984..
Subsection (2) of section 9 of the Road Motor Trans-
” Avéa:Within the Victoria Province, with access to. Masvingo. portation Act [Chapter 262] provides that the Controller shall
*. Nature of carriage— ~~ “ not consider any application for the renewal ofa road service
{@). goods, wares and merchandiseofall kinds; permit unless it is lodged with him at least 30 days before its
date of expiry
(b) agricultural produceand requirements.
All holders of road service permits which expire in January,.
'_ Note-=—This application, originally published in General Notice | 1984, are hereby notified that,in terms of section 8 of. the
923 of 1983, is republished here with corrections. Road Motor Transportation Act [Chapter 2621, the holders of
such permits are required, when submitting applications fos
the renewal of their. permits, to substantiate the rate of
_G/595/83. Goods-vehicle, Load: 14700 kilograms. | utilization of each permit during the entire period of validity
ending in January, 1984. Failure to show that the relevant
Area: Within the Victoria Province, with ‘access to Masvingo. road service permits were being used for purposes for which -
- Nature of catriage—- — -. m such permits were originally issued could result in such permits
not being renewed. The provisions of section 12 of theRoad
(a) goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds; Motor: Transportation Act [Chapter 262] -will be applied in
_ {b) agricultural produce and requirements. . | all cases where holders fail to substantiate permit usage.
‘Note-—This application, originally, publishedin General Notice | R..N. TSOMONDO,
923 of 1983, is republished here with corrections. —. - - 23-12-83. Controller of ‘Road Motor Transportation.