Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-12-20 number 73

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"Vol. LXI, No. 73 20th DECEMBER, 1983 | . Price 30c

" General Notice 986A of 1983. - -@ a valid certificate of insurance or security «for the
. ‘ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 262] vehicle concerned, covering liability towards passengers
in res of the use of the vehicle as an emergency
- taxi-cab; and oo
Declaration ofState ‘of Road Transport Emergency: Local {b) the .registration-book for the vehicle concerned; and
Authority Areas: Permits for Operation of Emergency Taxi-cabs _ (©). the applicant’s driver’s licence; and.
(d), a certificate of registration. asa trader in terms of
- ‘THE Minister of Roads anid Road Traffic hereby, in terms, section 9 of the Sales Tax Act (Chapter 184]; and
of section’ 70 of the Road Motor Transportation Act [Chapter y (©) a fee offifty. dollars. o So
262], declares a state. of road transport emergency in localc
r addition, applicants who have lodged their applications
authority areas, as defined in the Urban Councils Act
with the Controller will have to-produce a current certificate
[Chapter 214], excluding any area of a-rural council which
- has not been designated in terms of section 7 of the Rural’ of -fitness for the vehicle concerned before they can obtain -
Councils Act [Chapter 211}. an emergency. permit.
* This declaration relates to the transport of passengers. by 4, Save in exceptional cases, the Controller intends to
emergency taxi-cabs, as defined in the Road Motor Transporta- impose the following conditions on emergency permits to
tion (Emergéncy Taxi-cabs) Regulations, 1983, published in |
operate emergency taxi-cabs—
Statutory Instrument 661A of 1983. ; an .{a) the permit will be valid for six months, and will be
Applications for emergency permits may be made. in _ -Yenewable for a further period of six months; :
accordance with the above-mentioned regulations to the (b) the holder will be the only person permitted to drive
Controller of. Road Motor Transportation, P.O. Box. 8332, - ° the vehicle concerned as an emergency taxi-cab;
Causeway, to serve the said areas. . (c) the permit will not be transferable;
General Notice 979 of 1982 is revoked. (d) the holder will be allowed to operate his emergency
- taxi-cab only within the local authority area and along
- 20-12-83, Secretaryfor Roads andRoad Traffic...
: the route specified in his emergency permit; -
". @) the holder will not be allowed to stop and pick up |

passengers along his route. except at places determined
General Notice 986B of 1983.
by the local authority concerned;
- (f) the holder will have to display on.the windscreen and
.ROAD MOTC?. TRANSPORTATION ACT[CHAPTER 262] -rear window of the vehicle concerned an identification
disc issued by the Controller; FO
- Emergency Taxi-cabs: Terms and Conditions of: Emergency | {g) the holder will have to display his route printed in -
Permits full on both sides and the rear of his vehicle.
(bh) the holder will not be permitted to charge passengers
any sum in excess of the fare-structure determined by
FOR the information of the public, the Controller of Road the Iocal authority concerned with the approval of the
Motor Transportation hereby gives notice of the circumstances Controller and such fares shall be exclusive of sales.
‘in which he will issue and cancel emergency permits issued in tax. :
' respect of emergency. taxi-cabs in terms of Part IV of the
--. Road Motor Transportation Act [Chapter 262], and the terms 5. On the expiry of the initial six months of an emergency
and‘conditions he will attach to such emergency permits. permit to drive an emergency. taxi-cab, the Controller will
renew the permit for a further six months, upon the holder
1. In most -cases, the Controller will not issue more than producing to him a fresh certificate of fitness for the’ vehicle
20. emergency permits for any one route within the.cities of concerned and proof of the amount of sales tax he has paid
Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Mutare; after consultation with during the initial six months of his permit. .
the Ministry of Local Government and Town:Planning he will 6. Save in exceptional cases, the Controller will cancel
impose similar limits on the number’ of emergency taxi-cabs an emergency permit to operate an emergency. taxi-cab if
‘ operating on routes in other local authority areas... - the holder is convicted on more than two occasions of bréach- .
2. The’ Controller will not consider application$ for’ ing any term or condition of his permit, :
. emergency permits to operate emergency taxi-cabs— y This notice ‘is issued for the guidance and assistance of
- (a) unless the applicant is the registered owner of the prospective’ applicants and the public, and by issuing it the
vehicle to be used as an emergency taxi-cab; and - Controller does not intend to limit the circumstances. in
_ (b). if the vehicle to be used as-an emergency taxi-cab is which he will issue or cancel permits, or the conditions he -
_ designed for the carriage of more than seven seated ‘will impose in permits, to those mentioned in this notice,
. passengers. tet . j nor will he be bound by this notice when exercising the
3.. Applications for emergency permits to operate emergency discretion granted him by the Act. .
taxi-cabs must be made on form R.M.T, 22, ‘and applicants |. R. N. TSOMONDO,
will have to produce to the Controller, with their application— 20-12-83, Controller of Road Motor iTransportation.