Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-12-16 number 2



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V ol. L X I, N o. 69 25th NOVBMBIR, 1983 Price 30c

General Notice 940A of 1983. (d) all the fimctionti of the Minister of Water Resourres and
c o N s t m m o N o f Z im b a b w e Development to Senator the Honourable D. R. Nonttan
from the 16th December, 1983, during the absence on
leave of the Honourable C. G. M s i ^ M.P.J and
APPnlhtment of Acting Prime Minister
(e) all th e ^ n c tio n s of the Minister of Housing to the
Honourable M. E. Mahachi, M.P., from the 5th
. IT is h ^ b y .notified that His Excellenqf the President has, December, 1983, duitag the absence on leave of the
m tenm of subseetion.<d) of section 71 o f the Constitution of Honourable S. S. Munfljengegvri, M.P.J and
Zimbabwe, authorized the Honourable S. V. Muzenda, M.P., (0 “11 the functions of the Minister of Manpower Planning
to exercise, the functions of the Prime Minister, other than th e Development to the Honourable K. M. Kanga£
functions conferred by section (2) of the said section 71, iM.P., from the 1st December, 1983, during die absence
during the absence from Zimbabwe of the Honourable R. 0 on leave of the Honourable F. M. M. Shava, M.P.J and
Mugabe, ;M.P., with effect from the 21st November, 1983.
(g) all the functions of the Minister of Industry and Enerey
■ C M .B .m E T :E , Develwment to the Honourable R. C. Hove, M.K,
25-11-83. Secretary to the Cabinet. from toe 19th Deeember, 1983, during the absence on
leave of toe Honourable S. H. S. Maxoni, M.P.i and
(h) aU toe functions of the Minister of Home Affairs to toe
General Notice 940B of 1983. Honourable S. V. Mubafco, M.E., from to e 1st
pecember. 1983, during the absence on leave of toe
CONSTITUTION OF ZIMBABWE Honourable H. S. M. tJshewolamze, M.P.; and
Appointment of Acting Ministers (i) a ll,to e functions of toe Minister of Education and
C u lto e to toe Honourable C. D. Ndlovu, M.P., from toe
. 6th December, 1983, during toe absence on leave o f too
^ r r is hereby notified A at His Excellency the President has, Honourable D. B. Mutumbuka, M.P.
a M. B. iriE T B ,
25-11-83. S^retary to toe Cabinet.
(a) ^ the functions of the Minister of Roads and Road
T ^ c to the Honourable J. L. Nkomo, M.P., from the General Notice 940C of 1983.
23rd-November, 1983, during the absence on leave of
the Honourable D. Ngwenya, and c o N S T r r p n o N o f Z im b a b w e
(b) aU the functions of the. Minister of Foreign Affaire to
tte HonouraWe N, M, Shamuvarira, M.P., to m the 20th Publication of Law
November, 1983, dtinng the absence from Zimbabwe on
duty and d i ^ g A e absence on leave from the 5th
December, 1983, of the Honourable W. M. (Manewe- Tlffi following law, which has been assent&l to by His
nde, M .P.:and ® Excellency the President, is published in terms of subsection
(c) all the functions of the Minister of Youth, Sport and (5) of section 51 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe:
Recreation to the Honduirable T. R. Nhoneo. M.P. Finance (No. 2) Act, 1983 (No. 32 of 1983).
from the 19tff December, 1983, during the absence on C .M .B .m E lE ,
leave of the Honourable E. R. Kadungure, M.P.; and 25-11-83. Secretary to toe Cabinet

Oawal NoHca
949A. CMttlltttion of Zimbabwe! Appofiitmeal of Aetlea Prime
MifliltM • 0 ♦ , , , , ^ , 4 9S7
940B. Constlturioo of Zimbabwe: Appolntmeot of AeriagM ialtien 957
940C. Constitutios of Zimbabwe: Fubllcatioa of ta w . . . 927
statutory Instrument
Statutory tmtrument Issued as
, a, Supptement to this ddzette Extmordlnary
Number f
621iyCSptl3hG^tasTixJR4te laterest) CNo. 2) Notice, 1983.

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