Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-10-28 number 61

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Vol. LXI, No. 61 28th OCTOBER, 1983 Price 30c

General Notice 832 of 1983. TAXr-GAB
P. Mujuru.
Applications in Connexion with Road Servioe Permits TX/11/83. Taxi-cab. Passenger-capacity: 4.
Area: Within a 40-kilometre radius of the post office, Kadoma.
Condition: The vehicle to stand for hire at Manjoro Hotel only.
IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor Note.—^This application is made to reinstate permit 19109,
Transportation Act [Chapier 262], notice is hereby given that which expir^ on the 31st January, 1983.
the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue or
ahiendmpt of road service permits, have been received for
the consideration of the Controller of Road Motor Transpor­
tation. General Notice 833 of 1983.
Any person wishing to object to any such application must ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT {CHAPTER 262]
lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation,
P.O. Box 8332, Causeway-—
Applications in Connexion with Temporary and Spedal Road
(a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so as to Service Permits
r e a c h ^ e Controller’s ofiSce not later than the 18th
. November, 1983; and
(b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on fonn R.M.T. THE Controller of Road Motor Transportation hereby, in
24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the in terms of section 16 of the Road Motor Transportation Act
Controller’s office not later than the 9th December, {Chapter 262], invites applications for temporary and speciri
1983. road service permits to transport passengers 'by motor-
Any person objecting to an application for the issue or omnibuses along the following routes:
amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds 1. Pote - Rusumbe.
of objection to matters directly bearing on> the considerations
referred to in paragraph (a), <b), (c), <d), (e), or <f) of section 2. Munyamiri - Nyakudya - Domboshawa.
8 of the said Act.
R. N. TSOMONDO, 3. Harare - Chirenda - Bindura.
-28-10-83. Controller of Road Motor Transportation. 4. Mushayapokuvaka - Makumbe Cheza.
SCHBDULB 5. Showground - Nyamande.
Additiohals 6. Juru - Mukombami - Chiparambi - Dzvete.
Makanda Transport Services (Pvt.) Ltd. 7. Koyo - Dehwe - Mutandizi - Marufu - Dzvete.
G/6S2/83, Goods-vehicle. Load: 10 000 kilograms.
Area: Within the Masvingo Province, with access to Gweru 8. Rusike Township - l&itre Rios - Marondera.
and Harare. 9. Harare - Melfort Siding - Rusike Township • Mapuranga.<
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchaiidise of all kinds.
10. Harare - Geteiueuzi - Rusike - Juru. ^
G/653/83. Trailer. Load: 10 OOOkilograms.
Area: Shall-be the same as in the road servicepermit in 11. Harare - Rusike - Mwanza - Oribi Store.
respect of the vehicle towing the trailer. 12. Harare - Melfort - Shangare - Marondera.
Nature of carriage: Shall tie the same as in the road service Holders of substantive road service permits may apply for
permit in respect of the vehicle towing the traUer. temporary road service permits in terms of subsection (1) of
Inter-Carriers (Pvt.) Ltd. section 15, and non-holdeis may a ^ ly for spedal road service
G/668 and 670/83. Two goods-vehicles. Load:28 000 kilo­ permits in'terms of paragraph (a) of section 15, of theE oad
grams each. - ■ - Motor Transportation Act {Chapter 262], .respectively. ^
Route: Nyamapanda - Harare - Bulawayo. . Applications must be addressed to the Controller of Road
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds. Motor Transportation, and either—
(a) posted to 'P.O. Box 8332, Causeway;- or
I G/669/83. Trailer. L(^d: 8 000 kilograms. ' (b) delivered to First 'Floor, COghlan Building, Fourth
Route: Nyamapanda - Harare - Bulawayo. Street, Hararej
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and mechandise of all kinds. so as to reach the Controller’s office not later than the 25th
G/671/83. Trailer. Load: 18 000 kilograms. November, 1983.
Route: Nyamapanda - Harare - Bulawayo. R. N. TSOMONDO,
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and mechandise of all ^ d ii. 28-10-83. Controller of Road Motor Transportation.