Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-10-14 number 47

Published by Authority
Vol. LXI, No, 47 and SEPTEMBER, 1983 Price 30e6

General Notlea 677 of 1983, B. F. 'P, Padzarendora,
ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT (CHAPTER 262] 3 TR/163 and 184/83, Two taxi-enbs, Passenger-capactty: 3
Area: Within a 40-kKilemetre radius of the pest office, Maken,
Applications dn Connexion with Road ‘Service Permits ‘Condition: The vehlelos to stand for hire at any authorized
taxl-rank within the arca under the furlediction of the Chitu
~ IN terms of subsection (4) of sectlon 7 of the Road Motor ngwiza Town Counell only,
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], noties is hereby given that
the applications detailed in the Sehedule, for the issue or TRANSFERS
fimendment of read services permits, have been received for
the consideration of the Controller of Road Meter Trans- Nyamutamba Transport (Pyt.) Lid,
portation. 0/268/83, Permit: 23392, Motor-omalbus,
Any person wishing to object to any such application must By:Transfer of the permit from A, D, Mpepu (Pvt) Ltd,
_ lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation, P.O,
Box 8332, Causeway== R.{f, Milne,
(a) a notice, in writing of his intention to object, so a8 ta 4/538 to $40/83, Permits: 13339, 19936 and 12623, Threo
teach the Controller's office not later than the 23rd goods-vehieles,
September, 1983; and By: Transfer of the permits from Consolidated Transsort
(b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form, R.M.T, Services (Pvt) Lids) Pvnus "fom Consolidated ‘Transp
24, together with two copies thereof, go as to reuch the Lomagundi Coal and Haulage (Pvt) Ltd,
Controller’s office not later than the 14th October, 1983,
3/564 to $70/83, Permits: 24131, 24132, 12797, 12798, 20294
- Afly person objecting to an application for the issue or 20295 and 15857, Seven goods-vehiales, ,
amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds , , ’
of objection to matters dircetly bearing on the considerations By; Transfer of the permits from Sinela Transport (Pvt.) Lid.
referred to in paragraph (a), (6), (c), (d), (e), or (f) of section
8 of the sald ‘Act, aeG/S71he40 St(83
575/83, Permits:
Permits: 20736, 20737, 23952, 23953 and
By: Transfer of the permits from Sinola Transport (Pvt) Ltd,
29083, ° - Controller of Road Motor Transportation, Chinhoyl Transport (Pvt.) Ltd,
(3/576 to $81/83, Permits: 19088,n ” 19089,24130,
24130, 24153,
24133, 154
and 16417Six yoodsevehicles,
GOODS-VEHICLE By: Transfer of the permits from Sinola Transport (Pvt) Ltd,
G/582 to 585/83, Permits: 20735, 206738, 20115 and 13967,
Sinola Transport(Pvt, Ltd.
‘G/563/83, Trailer, Load: 10 000 kilograms,
Area: Shall be the same as the road service permit in respect By: Transferof the permits from Siaola Transport(Pvt.) Ld,
of the vehicle towing this trailer. a
General Notices 678 of 1983,
Nature of carridge: Shall be the same as in the road service
permit in respect of the vehicle towing this trailer, ‘INDUSTRIAL CONCILIATION ACT [CHAPTER 267]
Note-—This application is made to relnstate permit 14603,
_ which expired on the 31st May, 1983, Application for Variation of Scope of Registration of a
Trade Union
Additionals I, ROBERT RODWELL KAREMBA, Deputy Industefal
. C, Sibanda, Registrar, hereby give notice, in terms of subsection (3) of
TXN03/83, Taxi-cab, Passenger-capacity: 4, section 42 of @ ludustrlal Conciliation Act (Chapter 2671,
Areas Within a 40-Kilometre radius of the General Post Office, that 1 have reecived an application for variation ofthe scope
of registration of the Associated Mineworkers of Zimbabwe,
Condition: The vehicle to standfor hire in Nkulumane Towne | to Any the extent set out in the Schedule,
registered trade union having objection to such variss
ship only, tion Xe registration ig here invited to ject sich objection,
ALN, Dube, ; in writing, with me, c/o Ministry of Labour and Social Services
' Private Bag 7707, Causeway, within 30 days from the date of
TX/178/83, Taxi-cab; Passenger-capacity: 4, , bublication of this notice,
Area: Withid a 40-kKilometre radius of the post office, Wankie, / R, R, KAREMBA,
Condition: The vehicle to stand for hire dt Baobab Hill only, | 2.9.83, Deputy Industeist Registrar,