Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-10-04 number 59


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_ Vol. LXI, No. 59 (4th OCTOBER, 1983. _ Price 30c

General Notice 796 of 1983, Additionals -
'G/586 to 588/83. Three goods-vchicle,Load: 55000 kilo-
Applicationsiin Connexion with Road Se vi grams each,
Area: Within an 80-kilometre radius of the post office,
IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 .of the Road Motor Nature of carriage: “Goods, wares and merchandise of all
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice is hereb given that
the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the ‘issue or inds.
amendment of road service permits, have been: received for Chibuku Breweries Ltd.
. the consideration of the Controller of Road{Motor Transporta-
"G/623 to. 627/83. Five goods-vehicles, Load: 15000 kilo-
on. gtams each.
Anyy person wishing to object to. any such application must _ Area: ‘Within a 200-kilometre radius of the post Office,
lodge with the Controller’ of Road Motor Transportation, 'Masvingo.
P.O. Box8332, Causeway—
(a) ‘a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so as to ‘Nature of carriage: Beer in bulk, draught and/or packaged |
reach the Controller’s office not later than the 4th
November,‘1983; and Note—These applications are made to reinstate permits 21895,
— &) his objection and the groundstherefor, on form RMT. 21894,!31893, 21892 and: 21891, which expired on the 31st
24, together with two copies thereof,.so as to reach the
ay, .
Controtter’s office not later than the 25th November, . ‘TAXI-CABS
' Amendment
Any person objecting to an application for. the issue or D. Muchirahondo..
‘amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds
‘of objection to matters direct Bearing on -the considerations: TX/203/83, Permit: 22106. ‘Taxi-cab. passenger-capacity: 3. -
Area: within. ‘a 40-kilometre radius of the post office,
8 of the to in
ed said Para.graphh (),
Act ‘@), ( ©), or( ) ofsection
(©), (), @
(6), 6, re a
Condition: The vehicle ito stand.for hireat Planters fan Hotel,
R. N. TSOMONDO, '|° Chiredzi, only.
14-10-83, "Controller of Road Motor Transportation.
By: Deletion ‘of the existing condition and the substitution of
* SCHEDULE “The vehicle to stand for hire at any authorized taxi-rank
within the area under the jurisdiction of Chiredzi Rural
GOODS-VEHICLES: Council.”. ©
Amendments "
Rock Lodge (Pvt.) :Ltd. Additionals
G/559 and 560/83. Permits: 24709 and 24710, Two goods- Muchirahondo Taxisvt) Ltd.
vehicles, Load: 30 000 kilograms. each. TX/170/83. Taxi-cab. Passenger-capacity: 4.
. Area: Throughout Zimbabwe. ‘Area: ‘Within a 40-kilometre radius of the post office,
Nature of carriage: Petroleum products on behalf of Caltex- ‘Masvingo.
- Oil Zimbabwe (Pyt.) Lid. and Zimbabwe Oil Procurement ‘Condition: The vehicleto stand for hire at Chikato Post Office
Consortium only, . only.
By— ; ’ TX/171/83, Taxi-cab. Passenger-capacity: 4.
(a) addition of’“Goods, “wares and merchandise of all
kinds” to the existing nature of carriage; Area: ‘Within..a. 40-kilometre radius of the post office,
&) insertion of “and internationally”, after Zimbabwe, -to
_the existing area of operation. Condition: The. vehicle to stand for hire at the town rank
Zimbabwe United Freight (Company Limited (Swift Division). L. Ruwona..
. G/708/83. Permit: 12390. ‘Goods-vehicle. Load: 19 300 kilo- TX/181/83. Taxi-cab. Passenger-capacity:3,
. grams.
|Area: Within a 40-kilometréradius of the post office,Kadoma.
Area: ‘Throughout Zimbabwe.
Condition: The vehicle to stand for hire at Rimuka Township
' Natureof carriage: Goods, wares and. merchandise of all kinds, | and railway station taxi-ranks only.
destined for’ or. emanating from the administrative district
‘of Wankie. —~ | T. Gwizo.
7 Condition: This permitis to be based ina 'Wankie. ~ "'TX/201/83.-Taxi-cab. Passenger-capacity: 4.
Area: Within a 40-kilonietre radius of Murombedzi Township,
-€@ deletion of the existing route and the eubstitution ‘of “‘Chinhoyi.
“Bulawayo- Wankie- Victoria Falls.”; ‘ Condition: The vehicle to Stand for hire at ‘Matogerwa Hotrl
(b) increase in load to 30 000 kilograms. and:‘Murombedzi bus-terminus only.