Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-09-09 number 50

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"Vol. LXI, No. 50 _ 9th SEPTEMBER, 1983. Price 30c

General Notice 699 of 1983, ' : K, Mogwenzi!
ROAD MOTOR, TRANSPORTATION ACT. [CHAPTER 262] TX/196/83. Taxi-cab, Passenger-capacity: A
Area: Within «a 40-kilometre radius of the _Post Office,
~ Applisationsin Connexion with Road Service Permits
Condition: The vehicleto stand for hire at—
(} Hwange Supply Store; '
IN torms of subsection (4) ofsection 7,of the Road Motor| fe Empumalanga; - ow
Transportation Act [Chapter - 262], motice is hereb given ¢) Meikles No.1, * .
that the applications detailed in-the Schedule, for ‘Issue
or amendment of road service permits, have been recoived
for the’ consideration of the Controller of Road Motor Trans- TRANSFERS
‘portation. Stowarty (Pvt) Ltd
‘Any person wishing.‘to object to any such application must> 0/274 and 275/83. Permit: 23436 and 23435, Two motors
“lodge with the Controller ‘of Road Motor ransportation, omnibuses.,
P.O. Box 8332, Causeway— ~ By; Transfer of the rmnite from R. Edwards and Sons
(a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to.‘object, so as to evranafe p Ar
reach the Controller’s office not later than the 30th
September, 1983; and
-(b) bis objection and the grounds therefor on form R.M.T. General Notice 700 of 1983.
. 24, together with two copies thereof, so. as to reach the
4 Controller's. office not later than the2ist October, 1983. COMPANIES ‘ACT ‘[CHAPTER’ 190).
~ Any person objécting to an applicdtion for the issue or \
amendment of a road service permitmust confine his grounds|
of objection to matters direct bearing on the considerations 1 Companies Struck Off the Register: Correction of
referredto in paragraph @), ©, (c); (a), (©), or (f) of. section . ‘General Notice 600of 1983
- Softhe saidAct, —
9.9-83,. Controller of Road Motor Transportation. IT is horeb , notified, for generalinformation, that General
Notice 600 of 1983, published in terms of section 283 of the
SCHEDULE or Companies Act [Chapter 190], contained an. error.
. ‘GOODS-VEHICLES. oN That, notice is corrected in: the Schedule by the deletion of—
Additionals , . “567/81 Tower. Property and Investmont Trust .
Guard-Alert (Pvt)Ltd.” (Zimbabwe) (Pvt.) Ltd. ' f # 8 6 $32000 7. 5. gi”
G/592 and 593/83. Two goods vehicles, ‘Load: 250 kilograms.
~ each, — R J, TUCKER,
Area: Throughout Zimbabwe. ‘ . 9.9283, 4 “Rogistras of Companies
Nature of carriage: Works of art, jewellery, bullion, ‘cash, é

specie and-con: dential documents,
General Notice 701 of 1983. a
: Addittonals » BADGES ACT [CHAPTER 2 sg

’ €, V..Ndebele.-
TX/151/83, Taxi-cab, Passenger-capacity: 3. °
', Area: Withina 40-kllometre radius of the General Post oes, Registration of the Armorial Besson of
Bulawayo, John Robert da Costa, Esquireco .
Condition: Thevehicle to stand for hire at— a

‘Stanley Square;
8 Mkokoba ‘Township; 7‘aI is hereby. notified, in, terms of paragraph 63) of’ section —
M ma Rost office; 7 of the Armorial Bearings, ‘Nantes, Uniforms and Badges
: 8 Lobengulaou
eterminte, Act [Chapter 2], ‘that the armorial bearings of John Robert
da Costa, Esquire, have been registered under paragraph @)
I. M, Chimuka, : 7 ‘of subsection
=thef section 14 of the said Act.
~ 'TX/173/83. "Taxi-cab,. Pasienger-capacity: 4°
: Atea: Within a 40-kilometre radius of Mupandawana Centre, ind R. P, MOUL,,
. Condition: The vehicle to stand for hire at Gutu ‘CouncilBottle - ‘ | Registrar ofNames, Uniforms, Badges '
Store only, r 9-9-83, , _ and Heraldle Representations,