Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-07-22 number 40


Publibed by Autboriy

Vol, EX,No, 40 22nd.jou, 1983 Price 30¢
‘General Notide$54 of 1983,. | A Neonde,

ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT fowaprar 263] | ‘Ona7/85, Moter-omiitus, Passengerseapacity: ae
Route 1; Harare « Demboshawa Store » Makumbe Mission «
Applications {n Connexion with oad ServicePeis - Mujeki Kraal -.Maene Towaship »« Wayarera,-
Route 2; Throughout Zicibabwve,
aN terms ofsubsection 4)of section 7 of,the Read Motor . Condition; - .
Transportation Act (Chapter 2 2], netics {s hereby eiven that Route 2—=
the 4applications q alley Ja the’Sebel,fer oyBYisgiia OF — @ for private hire and for advertised of organized bug:
amendment of fond serviee have been received for the | tours, provided nO stage-castiage service is operated
- eonsideration ofthe Conor of aad Motor Transportation, Of any FOutE;
Any personwishing te object te any such application must
40arson,wingt e
P.O, Box 8332, Caiseway—
obj Motor Le
roller 6£ Road Motar fansportation,
b ny ivate hire or any AdvertisedoF
) shal be operatedndea authori
oF fi 14 four .
ve alia
imes for whi sage ee 68
(a). a naties, in writing, of hig intention to object, so as te geautharied ia ie ieapermit
- seach. the Contra er’s offices not later than. the 12th | The service operates as follews—
Aligtist, 1983; and
Reute i=
(6) his objection and the grounds therefor, ea form RLM.T. (a) da
depart 1
Harare Monday 4.15 am, arriveMujeld Kraal
24, together with two copies thereof, se as ta reach he TH.4
SBoubloroffice net apie than the 2ad SeptemibsF,
(b) depart Harare Monday to Friday 3 p.m, arrive Mujeld
’ Kraal 5.25 p.mj-
Any person. objecting to ail mustcon
far fe isstie OF
amendment of 4 road service pert ust confine hig greunds @ depart
Harare Saturday 2.45 Pility ative Wayerera.
.. Of objection, to. matters directly bearing on the le erations pimnd§
.. téfefted to ia paragraph (a),6 © oy@ ofeo of section @)SeptHi
Harare Sunday a5 Pi, arrive Mujeld rast |
& of the said Act,
' | depart Mujeki Kraal Moada 4 adi, and 6.05 am,
| | R, iy, =8OMONDO 6) ative dio efaal M 8.05 aii, respectivelly; ,
99.4:84,. Conte of Road Motor ‘Transportation - depart Mujeki Kraal Tuesday, Thursday and Pridey
@ 5 ain, artive Harare 7.45 a ey a
a NoToROMNIBLSES , (gs) depart Mujeki Kraal Wednesday 1045 aii, arrive
Harare 1205 pifiid
Additlonala (h) depart Mujeld - Kiaal Saturday 9:35, 8iiy ative
Farayi Uzimba (Pvt) Lid, , Harare 1155 ams _
..0/179/83, Moter-omnitus, Passenger-capactty; $9, (i) departWw
Wayerers Sunday 8.20 am, astive Harare
. Route: Mugayi Towiship » Rukatiro Sctiaol « Mapfeal River «
Harare, tThig i ade (6. relistate permit 16439
whl ils,eplenion May, 1983, ,
The service operates as follows
(a) depart Mugayi Towaship Monday te Thursday 6 att, | O/239/85, Motereonittus, Passengerscapacity: 64,
artive Harare 10.50 am;
‘Route, Mukwesha « Mace Towaship » Wayerera » Biadura, |
- (by) depart Mugayl- Township Friday9 Ati, artive Harare The service operates as followe=
O paid
(a) depa
devart3Mukwesha Monday to Saturday 630 a.m, active
() depart Muay Township Stinday 2 pit, attive Harare qwidura 130 ait
eElhag .
6) derart
‘e Mukwestia Sunday 645 Pit, arrive Bindura
depart Harare Monday. to Thuraday 2 pin, arsive : pay
‘Mugayi Towriship 7.15 p.tis depart Bindura Monday to Bilday 4,36 fit, arrive
'(@) de rt Harare Saturday 1 pn, attive Mugeyi Township © Mukwesha 430 p.tia4 y ¥ Pall,
0 pi; 6 degertBiadues Saturday140 ptt, gerive Melee
(f)- devart Harare
Hi Sunday 7 p.t,arriveMugayi Township ATG
pati. (6) depart;Hindura Sunday 6 pit, attive Mukwesha 7 pit,
" Note-~This:‘a fication ig made to reinstate it 19048 Note-~This application is made to reinstate permit 19368,
Lo. which expite ont the 3ist Tanuary, 1983, varies a 4well exeor (he on ait May, 1983, AG Be .