Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-06-24 number 34

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_ Publited y Autry oe a

Vol. LXE, No 34 0 = TanFO 1983 Price 30¢
: GeneralNottes488 of1983, 996/82. Permits 24008. Gaadsevehicle, Loads 7140 kilos
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A264 ArentWi
Within an §0-Klomatre radius of the General Post Office,
Applications in Gennextan with Road Service Permits | ee ‘at carriages Geods, wares and merchandise ef all ads,
‘IN terms of guastion. iof fection 1, of the RendM 8 inerenge inendta 20 000 Koga atud
. Trans artat Chaine ea {¢ hereby given 4 at
the ‘applieatic
aniA led in th dsalethetthe‘auc of
“al area operatic ude
amen ne t of roadservice permits, have IoaTeseive for the
- gonsideration ef the Contreller of Read Motor Tranaportaion, . - Unigtnd’2heMs
Hiya ‘enti
Any person wishing te object te any such applicatian Addittonals
led nyper i €enraller Mf Road "Motor Wranspertala
P.O, Bax ee“nswAy «hie i 5 J.Maworere Transport en) Ud
fi a ndtics
@ ranch iheCo
fn writing,.of hie intention te a ect,
80. a8 (0 G62to164183, Three goodseveilets, Loads 42000 Kiloe
Controller's ee not pion| an. Hee 15th July, grams
Arent6win fifi 60-kilometre radius of the General,Pést Office,
(6) his objection and the around iherefor, on form RMT,
+ together with twa coples thereaf, 0 ais to french (he Nature of carriages Goods, waresand merchandise of all kinds,
nitroller's @ffice not later than the Sth ‘August, 198%,
-Afly persoon objecting te afi ima far. t ¢ isstie ar
ara iient of & rand service perm fist canine lf nds York Haul Pvt) Lids
6 cation te matters d rectlyth bearing on theeons dertlont ong te 282/83, Five goodsevelicles, Lead: 30000 Klograms
forte «te
paragraph (ay (8), (ey d), (@) or @. of section |
- = ArceWithin an 80-kilometre. radius of Gokwe, with access
A683, Controller of Read ‘Motor Transporation. , Nature of
carrlage; Goods,wares and merchandise of aff Kinds,
SCHEDULE | . | Mote=Fhig applieati nally published in General Notice
me ‘MOTOR-OMNIBUS 488of 19838 republened oe th corrections,
Addtitonal en
Ft K M akorle (Pvt.). Ltd. , M. Mc Hlale,
0/368/82. Metor-amnibus, Passongervenptelty: 16,
76 6/24/43, Goodsvehitole, Load: 37 600 Klegrams,
Route: Harare « Gutu « Benz{ Business Centre «Chiredzl, Arat:W
Within an $0-kilometre radius of the General Past Office,
The vehiele to operate asfollows= awaye,
&) depart Harare Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 7.3 Gata; Nature of carslage: ‘Goods,wares and merchandise ot all kinds,
@) arrive Chiredz{ 4.20:Bhs y ¥ 180
(b) depart Harare Saturday7,30 aan, arriveMakuvaze 140
pit G/2455/83, Goods-vehticle, Loads 37 000 Kilegrams. &
(@) depart Chiredei Monday, Wednesday and Friday § attic Areas Within Gekwe and dhe surround) rehase areas
. fitfive Harare 1.60 pag with accesste Harare, Iewekwe and Chegute, Pu ,
@ pat Makuvaze Saturday 2.40 pm, artive Harare 4.50 |. Nature,of carelages Ageloultural produce,

GoonsvEttcLEs G/456/83,Geads«veliicle, Loads 37 660 idlograrns,
Ainendmants Routes Bulawaye« Masvinge « Belthefdge,
LE, Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd: ‘ Nature of carrlages ‘Goad, wares arid martand ofafl kinds,
'G/$95/82. Permlts 24004. Goedsevehicte, ‘Loads § §90 kile«
grams. . Chitbuku Breweries Lid:
Area: Within aa 8Okllomsetee radius of the General Post Office,
'G/271/83. Goodaevehicle, Lead: §§60 kilegrame.
- Harare,
Aran: Withininf, 160-Klometre raullus ef Heinriets's oe
ature of carrlages Geods, wares and mererandis Of afl kinds:
fe |
Naneaf atarBoor{ft tru, dea t and/or pa
"@ increase ialeadto te 20000
iad ' ‘nas form,under collract to Heinrichs:Cates Brewerles
a ation 4 ude
O)- eiae s
“ith aceess to§ funaradistrict),wenr shin
inga, NoteceTals application ig made to. reinstate permit oon
Urunaweand dhni corimunal in oe whieh aveite ‘ni the 3{at May, 1984."