Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-05-31 number 7

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Published b^^uthority,.

. Vol. Lxn, No. 7 . 27th JANUAB.Y, 1984 . Price 30c

General NoticSe 47 of 1984. - ' TRANSFERS
F. Shamu,
ROAB MQTOR m ANS^GRTATION ACT ICHAPTEK 2621 TX/230/83. Permit: 2282L Taxi-cab.
Applications in Connexion with Road Service Permits ' - By: Transfer o f ffie permit &om I. Mukanganwi
O. B. Nyangancv'
IN' terms o f subsection (4) of section .7 off the Road Motor TX/246/83. P ^ t : 23734. Taxi-cab.
Transportation Act [Chanter 262),, notice is hereby given that By: Transfer of fhe jiermit from I.' M. W. Mabhena.
Ore applications d e ^ e d in the Schedule, for Uie issue or
amendment of road service permits, have been received for General Notice 48 o f 1984. .
the consideration of the! Controller o f Road Motor Trans­
•Any ^ r s o n wishing to object to any such application must
lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation; P-.O. Application for Variation of Scope o f Registration o f a
Pox 8332, Causeway— . Trade Union
(a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, sO as to
reach- the Controller’s office not later tto n ffie lOlh I, io B E R T ROH'WELL KAREMBA, Industrial Registrar, ’
February, 1984; and , hereby give notice, in terms of .subsection (3) of section 42
of ffie Industfial Conciliation Act [Chapter 267], that I have
(b) his objection and tpe grounds fherefor, on form-R.M.Ti received an application for variation of the scope of registra­
24; together with two copies thereof, so as to reaidi ffib tion of the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Railwaymen’s 'Union,
Controller’s office not later than the 2nd Ma^ph, 1984L to ffie extent set out in^he Schedule.
Any person objecting jto an application for the issue*, o t Any registered trade union having objection to such
amendment of a road s e ^ c e permit must conhne his grountjS' variation o f -registration is hereby Invited to lodge such
of objection to matters directw bearing on the considerations objection, in Writing, with me, c /o Ministry of Labour,
referred to in paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), or (0 of section Manpower Planning and Social 'Welfare. Private'Bag 7707,
8 o f the said Act. | ' - Causeway,-within 30 days from ffie date o f publication of
■ J. . , I ' , R. N . TSOMONDd, this notice.
20-1-84. Controller of Road Motor Transportation. ' R. R. KAREMBA,
27-1-84. , Industrial Registrar;
ISCHEDtJIS S c h ed u le
GOODS-VEHICLES In respect o f ffie National Railways o f Zimbabwe—
Additionals by ffie addition o f the interests of employees employed as—
Chibukn Breweries Ltd. foremen (commercial and operations), which means—
GI394IS2. Trailer. Load; 4 500f Idlograms. foremen Checkers;
Area: Shall be flie-same as in ffie foad service permit in respect foremen tarpaulin checkers;
o f the vehicle towinp-the trailer. foremen tarpaulin repairers;
foremen carriage cleaners;.
Nature of carriage; Shall' be the same as in the r o ^ service foremen station;
permit in r e je c t of the vehicle towing the trailer. 1 foremen (construction, installation, manufacture, and
Note.—This ajpplication is .made to reinstate permit 21943, maintenance and repairs), which means—
which expired on the 31k May, 1983. '; workshop foremen;
Zambezi Carrierbi j T wSrks foremen;
shop foremen; ,
G/5^9^3. Goods-veMffie . L'Md: 27 OiX) kilograms. progTKs foremen; '
Route: BM uddge-Chirundu.”' ■ loco foremen;
fuel-pump attendants;
Nature carriage— • I furnace attendants;
(a) goqds of a perishable nature, subject tbl speedy decay , . goods supervisors;
•ana requiringirefrigeration; ; •
(b) gimds. Wares ahd merchandise o f aU kinds. handymen; - ^
j head messengers; ‘ .
Nyamutamba Transport (Evt) Ltd. j head station-porters;
G/822 to 824/83. Thre5 goods-vehicles. Load: 35,000 kilo- head workers; ,
grams each. I ' health demonstr?tors; ■ * ■ •
Route: Harare - Nyamapaada. 1 hoarding assistants;- ■ ,
. horticulturists;
Nature o f carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise o f all kinds. hygiene assistants;
G/826 and 827/83. Two goods-yehicles. Load: 35 000 kilo­ inspectors attendants;
grams each., ; i ■ instrument mechanics;
interpreters. ‘
Route: Harare - Beitbridgej. ■ji Area in respect o f which application is made: The area
Nature o f carrmge: Goods; wares and merchandise of all kinds. Zimbabwe. . '