Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-05-31 number 46

Publihed by Autborty
Vol LKI,No 46. Moth AUGUST, 1983 Price 366
General Notice 65t of 196%, . Oo . -G/186/83, Gosdewebiele, Load, 8560 Wlegeatns,
ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT (CHAPTER 160) Area: Within @ 100-Kiemetre radius of Helarichfs Cheitvetes
Brewery, Shamva,
Nature of carriage: Bear fa tedk draught andfor: a
Applications in. Connexion wits RoadService Permits fora, tinder contract to Holnrich’s Chibuker ge 468 Hees
Note-—This application f¢ made to refastate peemit 21959,
| _IN terns of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Motor which expired on the Set May, 1965 PY 199"
Fransportation Act [Chapter 262%, flotice i¢ hereby given that.
- the appiications detailed im the Schedufe, for the issue or G/520-ank SU/€3. Two goodsveliicles, Loads 14600 lee:
amendment of road service permits, have been recsived for graris each,
the.corisideration of the Controller of Road Motor Fransports. Area: Within @ £5O-kilometre radius of Hetacich’s Chibuke
oT. : ” . _. Brewery, Rewekwe; .
Any person wishing to object to any auch appliontion rnuet Nature of carriage: Beer fn bulk, drenght endfor chgaed
fodge with the Controller offeette Motor Transportation, PL, forta, under contract to Hetnrich's Chibuke Breweries (1968)
Box 8332, Caussway~—
' @a Notice, in weitin: of hie intention to object, $0 a¢ (6 Notenfhese applications are made to reinstate pernite 11688
~ seaek the Controllers office fot fater t t thefoes| anid 21887, whick expired ott the 31st May, 1983,
September, 1983; and
(by his objection and the grounds therefor, onform RMT Se
24, together with two copies thereof, so.a¢ to reach the ‘
Controffer’s office not later than the 7th October, 1983. | B. Donde, oO ,
Any person objecting to an application for the issue of. TX/T6/85. Taxicabs. Passenger-capacity: 4,
_ amendment of « road service permit must confine hie srounds| Areat Within a 40-Klometre radius of the post offices, Chiteda,
of objection to matters direct! bearing on the considerations|| Condition: The vehicle to stand forhire at Tstovant Township
referred to in‘paragraph (&), Ms (cy, dy, (6), or (BF of SEHiOM to tazi-rank only.
& of the said, Act, .

| RN, TSOMONDO, L. G Mlarnbo.
26-8-83, Controffer TX/ITYSS, Permits T1061, Taxicab.
of Road Motor Transportation.
By: Transfer of the permit front K. M. Ndiweni.. _
_ Sexepute
a GOODS-VEHICLES a | GeneralNotice 652 of 1963,
Glens Corporation (Pvt, Ltd. ye
G/472/83. Permit: 20872. Goodevehicle. Loads 23660 kile- Appointmentof Messenger of Court
SLAMS oo -
Area: Within a 16-kilometre radius of the Gerieral Post Office,

(eligi1 DaatedteNarre oleacsonts
‘Bulawayo,. me ae IT {s hereby fiotifiedthat the Minister of Sustice has; in terms
Nature of carriage: Gosdé, wares andmerchandiseofall cs. apler ‘appointed Mrz. : ofa
Condition: For the collection and delivery of goods whick are messenger couttforthedistrictGwanda,
‘0 becarried or which have been "carted, fy rail, between ; L. G- SMITH,
Harare and Bulaway an ens : 16-8283, Secretary for Justice.
: By: Deletion of the existing condition. sic sca:

Additionals. -
GeneralNotice 653 of 1983 |
|. Chibuku Breweries Ltd. De . CUSTOMS AND EXCISE ACT (CHAPTER 177]
G/285/85. Goods-vehicle. Load: 7 560 kilograms.
| Areas Within’ a 100-Kilometre radfus of Meinrich’s Chibuku | Seizure Notice 8 of1983
Brewery, Bindura. . ~y
Nature ‘of carriage: Beer in bulk,' draught and/or packaged
. form, under contract to Hefnrich’s Chibuku Brewer: 6s (1968)
. JTiéhereby notified that, inexercise of the powers conferred
section 176 of the Customsand Excise Act (Chapter 177
the atticles specified in the Schedule have et seteed at tas
Note=This application {s made to reinstate permit 21960," placesspecified from the persons whose names are specified in
which expired on the 31st May, 1983. the tle, . . « ,
. *