Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1983-05-27 number 29


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| ~ Published by Authority a

Vol. LXI, No, 29 27th MAY, 1983 Bele 30c
General Notice 419 of 1983, = g
_ ROADMOTOR TRANSPORTATION ACT [CHAPTER 267 _ Route G/98/83, Goodsvehiiole, Load: 8 700Aifogratns,
: Chirundu «Harare«Beithridge,
Nature of cartlage: Goods, wares and merchandise of allkinds,
Applications in Connexion with Road Service-Permite -
- 4G/94/83. Traffer, Load: 24600 Kilegranis, 0
_ IN terms of subsection (4) of section 7 of the Road Moto Route: Shall be. the sameas in the road seriiée permi
~ Transportation Act [Chapter 262), notic r fespect of the vehicle towing the trailer, t in
e is hereby given: that
the applications detailed ‘in ‘the Schedule, Nature of carrlage: Goods, wares and merchandiseofall kind
_ amendment of road service permits, have beenfor the issue .or
received for the s,
consideration of the Controfler of Road. Motor Transp
Any person wishing to object to any stich applic
ortation, G/95/83, Three goodevebiéles, Load: 16400 kilogeans each,
“lodge with the Controller oof Road Motor ation mast. Route: Chirundu « Harate « Bettttidge, - ,
P.O. Box 8332, Causeway— ‘tdisportation,
ol Nature of cartlage: Goods, wares and merchandise ofall .
(2) 4 notice, in writing, of his intention to object, 80
48 to.
teach the Controller's office not later than e-17th June,N. L, Blumears,
_ 1983; and : 'G/98/83, Goods-vehicle, Load: 40 000 kilograms,
" fb) his objection and the groundstherefor, on form RM‘. - _ Atea! Within the Matebeleland Province, with access to Beit.
24, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the _ bridge and Plumtree, .
ontroller’s office not later than the Sth: July, 1983, . - . .
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise ofall
- Any ‘person object
ing to. ‘an application. for the fssue or Condition: For internal operat
amendment of a toad service petmit must
of objection to matters directly bearing “onconfin
e his grounds
consid erations
‘ NoterThis application, originion only, ° :; ot
ally published in General Noti ce
referred to in paragraph (a), )s (c), (d),.(), or
(£) of section 268 of ‘1983, tepublished here with corrections,
8 of thesaid. Act.” So, -
R. N. TSOMONDO, Wards Transport (Pvt) Ltd, eo
27-5-83,. Controller of Road Motor ‘Transportation. - G35 to 137/83, Three goods-vehicles, Load:
kilograms each, 35000
- Be Scuepute . ce
Route: Bulawayo -.Filabusi - Bpoch Mine,
oo (GOODS-VEHICLES = t Nature of carriage: ‘Goods, wares and merchandise of aff
Additionals, D O kinds,
TrekExpress Services (Pvt)Ltd. -
'G/287 8.C. Chituinba, oo
to _ 289/82. Three goods-vehicles, Load: 20 000°
ilograms each, {G/192 and 193/83, Two .. goods-vehicles, Load:
oe ol kilograms each. "42.500
Route: Plumtree- Bulawayo, ae | Area: Within’ Copper ‘Queen
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise ofall kinds, , - Kadoma and C oad Communal Land, with access to
G..Khongono (Road Line Transport, Malawi), _- Nature of carriage: ‘Agricultural produce ‘arid requirements
'G/89/83. ‘Goods-vehicle, Load: 48 700 kilograms,
Route: Chirundu - Harare - Beitbridge. a sy " TAXI-CABS ©
Nature of carriage: Goods, wares and merchandiseof allkinds, Additi onal — s .
| N. Musundire, og
. Progressive Panel BeatersLtd: SO .
= / TX/63 /83, Taxi- cab. Passenger-capacity,3,.
'G/90/83. Trailér. Load:25100 kilograms, _- . . Area: Within a 40-kilometre radius ofthe post office,
Route: Shall be the same as in the toad service permit in- Condition: The vehicle to stand for. Gweru.
_Tespect of the. vehicle towing the trailer, hire at Msopere Night
Fo, Club and Livingstone Avenu e.only,
Natureof carriage: Goods, wares arid merchandise ofall kinds. vO
_ G/91/83. Trailer.Load: 32 800 kilograms,” 7 g, Bumhira.
Route: Shall be the sameas in the -road service permit in .
respect of thevehicle towing the trailer. =~ —
'G/38/83, Permit: 21604, Goods-vehicl e,
Natureof carriage: Goods, wares and merchandise of all kinds. By: Ti erof the permitfrom J.C. Bumhira,
| ” . .
G/92/83.Trailer.Load: 17 800 kilograms, —| Green ‘MotorServices (Pvt.) Ltd. -
Route: Shall be the same as in thé road service. permit in |
‘G/209/83. Permit: 13261. Goods-
_Yespect.of the.vehi cle towing the trailer, ~ -. -
- ‘Nature of cariiage: (Goods, wares and merchatidise of all kinds,:
- ‘By:Transfer of thepermit fromvehici e. oS
Grenbum Investments (Pvt)
. ~