Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1982-11-26 number 82

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Vol. LX, No. 82 26th NOVEMBER,1982 ‘Price 30c
General Notice 1030 of 1982. . General Notice 1033 of 1982,
.- AppointmentofActing Prime Minister Reassessment of Commer cial Allocations
is hereby notified that the Acting Presiden has, in terms
. a- . .

1. The Ministry of Trade and Co mmierce intends to reassess
of subsecti on (1) of section 71 of thee Constitution
ution of Zim- the foreign exchangeallocations mac le through the Commercial
babwe, authorized the Honourable Simon Ve gai Muzenda Import Controller for the following goods:
to exercise the func tions of the Prime Minister, other than the
functions conferred by slibsection (2) of the said section 71 > ‘ Tariff Allocation
with effect from the 22nd November, 1982. during the absence . Gaods code code
from Zimbabwe of the Honourable Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Common salt . - . - 39
M.P Rectified spirit
. . 50 (c) 050300
: Wine . . - - . 52
L. G. SMITH, 052000
26-1] -82.. Secretary to the Cabinet. . Haberdashery . a 6 © ew ie 73 (e) 073500
Parts for cranes, et cetera. . 97 (1) 097100
: Belts and belting . - - 97 (3 ©) 097230:
; Caps andclosures : os 98 098000
Gene ral Notice 1031 of 1982, _ Razor-blades . . - ~ 99 99000
Cutlery . - 2 . 99°C«w 099500
LIQUOR ACT [CHAPTER 289] Pressure-cooker spares - 102 (d) 102400
Filter-plant machinery oo 107 (1) 107100 ©
Parts for fans .
Appointmentof Acting Secretary to the Liquor ._ - 8 : 136 (2) (a) 136210
Tyre-pumps . . al . - 136 (2) (b)
Licensing Board 136220
2. ATi commercial firms who already receive regular alloca-
IT is hereby notified that the Minister of Justice has, in tions under these codes, as well as others who wish to be
terms of section 6 of the Liquor considered for a regular allocation should submit separate
Act [Chapter 2 8p » appointed - applicat
Mr. D. H. Allen to act as.s ecretary to the Liquor Licensing ions for each code to the Review of Commercial
Board. Allocations Section, Ministry of Trac e and Commerce, Private
Bag 7708, Causeway, not later than the 31st December, 1982.
26-11-82. 3. Form R.C.A.1, notes for guidd nce of applicants, will be
Secretary for Justice. sent by the Commercial Import Controller to those persons or
firms who already receive regular con nmercial allocations under
these codes. Other firms wishing to make applications under
~ Genefal Notice 1032 of 1982, | the code concerned may obtain the forms from the Import/
Export Licence Office, Daventry Ho se, South Avenue/Angwa
BOXING AND WRESTLING CONTROL'IACT Street, Harare; the Regiorial Office f the Ministry of Trade
[CHAPTER 76] and Commerce, Colray House, Fort Street/Ninth Avenue,
Bulawayo. -
4 Appointment of Members of the Zimbabwe National 4. New applicants for a regular coinmercial allocation under
’ Wrestling Control Board th ese codes will be required to provile satisfactory evidence—
» (a) that the firm has been in co stinuous operation in this
NOTICE is hereby given that the Minister. of 5 routh, Sport field for a minimum period o 60 calendar months, and
and Recreation has, in terms of section 6 of the Boxing and . that-purchases against this coc e will amount to 25 per
'* cent. or more of total annual purchases. (Considerati
‘Wres tling Control Act ‘[Chapter 76], appointed the under- on
may be given to applications ¥ where purchases aré lower
mentioned persons as members of the’ Zimbabv ye National than
Wres tling
25 per cent. of total purchases if it can be shown
Control Board, with effect from the 1st December,
that the goods concerned are essential to the continua-
1982: tion of the applicant’s business, J}; and/or

tr. Richard Godfiréy Hondo; /@ of previous commercial perfo tmance under this code
against ad hoc allocations made directly to the applicant,
Mr. Francis Maxwell Betera; but not including ad hoc all bcations made from the
M fr. Oliver Mapfuma Besa; Government Contract Reser ve, Industrial Projects
‘Reserve, Building Projects R’ eserve or other specia
. Mr. Tobaiwa Tonneth Mudede; reserves, or on a“once only” ba sis.
‘Personsor firms who are not able to s; atisfy either or
D ir. Tirivanhu Simoya,- ‘criteria should not apply.
both these
26-11- 82. Acting Secretary for Youth, Sport and Recreation. “26-11-82, A. J. SAICH,
Secretary f¢ xc Trade and Conimerce,