Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1982-10-15 number 64


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Vol.LX,No.64 . - : 3rd carrmeaie 1982 Price 30c

General Notice 778 of 1982. P. R. Mderede.
.0/212/82. Motor-omnibus. Passenge r-capacity: 76,
Route: Harare - Mazoe- Bindura Madziva - Rushinga -
' —
Nyabanda - Nyamasoto. ,
| ApplicationsiIn Connexion with Road Service Permits The service to operate as follows—
(a) depart Harare Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday I p.m.,
IN terms of subsection 4) of section 7 of the Road: Motor ~ arrive Nyamasoto 7 p.m.;
Transportation Act [Chgpter 262}, notice is hereby. given that. (b) depart Harare Friday 6 p.m arrive Nyamasoto 12
the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue. or midnight;
amendment of road service permiis, have been receivedfor the ~ (c) depart Harare Sunday 4 p.m, az rive Nyamasoto 10 p.m.;
consideration of the Controller of Road Motor Transportation.
(d) depart Nyamasoto Monday and ‘Wednesday to Saturday
Any person wishing to object to any such’ application must 3 a.m., arrive Harare 11.30 a.m.;
lodge with the Controller of: Road Motor ‘Transportation, (e), depart Nyamasoto Sunday 8 < m., arrive Harare 2.30 —
P.O. Box 8332, Causeway— p.m.
“(a) a notice, in writing, of his intention to object, so as to
J. M. Dauramanzi.
reach the Controller’s office not later than the 24th .
September, .1982; and O/214/82, Motor-omnibus., Passenge T-capacity : 16.
_ Route: Harare - Beatrice - Chivhu - Guiu Township - Zaka
(b) his objection and the grounds therefor, on form RM.T.:; ~District Commissioner -- Chekenyeke> Township - Chiredzi -
24, tozether with two copies thereof, so as to reach the ; : Triangle.
Controller’s office notlater than the 15th October, 1982.
: The service to operate as follows—
Any person objecting to: an application for the j sue OF: (a} depart Harare Monday and We dnesday 8.30 a.m., artive
amendment of a road service permit must confine his grounds * _*. Triangle 7.25 p.ms;
of objection to tatters directly: bearing on the considerations
- referred ‘to in paragraph (a). (b), (c), (d), (e) or.(f) of section - (b) depart Harare Friday 6 p.m., atrive
a Triangle. 5.15 am;
8 of the said Act. _ © depart Gutu Township Saturday 12.40 p.m., arrive
G. A. DONALDSON, Triangle 7.25 p.m;
-3-9-82, Controller of Road Motor Transportation. (d) depart Triangle Tuesday, Tru rsday and Sunday 8.30
a.m, arrive Harare 6.55 p.m;
' (©) depart Triangle Saturday 5.30 a.m., arrive Gutu Township
MOTOR-OMNIBUSES 11.55 asm. &
K. T. Toro Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd.
Sakhelene ZininiMotorways @vt) Ltd.
.0/266/82, Motor-omnibus. Passenger-capacity: 76.
0/1085 /81. Motor-omnibus, Passenger-capacity: 16. Route: Harare - Mpinga Farm - Chinhoyi - Raffingora -
. Route: Bulawayo - Shangani - Gweru -"Que Que - Kadoma - Berejena -.Chipuriro - Kachuta Store- Bvochora.
Empress Mine - Nembudziya. The service to operate as follows— t

The service to operate as follows—-~ = (a) depart Harare-Tuesday and Thursday 8 a.m., arrive
(@) depart Bulawayo Monday and Wednesday 77 a.m., arrive Bvochora 3,20 p.m.;
Nembudziya 2.10 pm3 (b) depart Harare Friday and Su nday 515 pm. arrive
(b) depart Bulawayo Friday 4 p.m., arrive Nembudziya il.10 Bvochora.10.30 p.m.;
- pm; re; depart Harare Saturday 1.15 p.m., arrive Bvochora 8.05
(c) depart Bulawayo Saturday u a.m., arrive Nembudziya BOL;
PM; ,
{d) depart Nembudziya Tuesday and Thursday 6 a.m.,-arrive
.@ ‘Sunday
depart’ Bvochora Monday, Wednesday,
6.45 a.m., arrive Harare 1.45 p.m.;
Friday and
Bulawayo-1 p.m; (e) ‘depart Bvochora Saturday 4 a.m4 arrive Harare 9.30 a.m.
(©) depart Nembudziya Saturday 12.30 a.m., arrive Bulawayo
7.28 am.; M. and A. Special Bus Service (Pvt.) Li id. .

'. (f) depart Nembudziya Sunday 8 am., _ arrive Bulawayo 0/392/82, Motor-omnibus. Passengeit-capacity: 76.
3 pan Route: Victotia Falls - Gwaai River+ Faya -, Nkai District
Commissioner. .
P.S. ‘Mpofa. The service to operate as follows—
0/60/82. Motor-omnibus. ‘Passenger-capacity: 76. (a) depart Victdria Falls Wednesday, Friday and Sunday ©
Route: Bulawayo - Queen’s Mine - Gwampa - Nkayi District _ 8 a.m, arrive Nkai District Commissioner 5.35 p.m; -
Commissioner - Kana Mission - Lutope - Chief Ngomeni. (b) depart Nkai District: Commissioner Monday: and
The service to operate as follows— Thursday 8 a.m., arrive Victoria!Falls 5.10 p.m;
@&) depart Bulawayo Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10 (c) depart Nkai District Commissioner Saturday 10 am.,
a.m., arrive Chief Ngomeni 6 p.m.; ~ arrive Victoria Falls 7.10 p.m.
(b) depart ChiefNgomeni Wednesday, Friday: and Sunday Note.—This application, originally published in General Notice
6.40 a.m., arrive Bulawayo 2.30 p.m. 689 of 1982, is republished here \with corréction.