Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1982-10-08 number 71

Published by Authority

Vol. LX,No.717 “8th OCTOBER,1982 Price 30c
General Notice 892 of 1982, : Sy SCHEDULE |.
) Public Holidays: Temporary: Authorities for the Operation: of Amendments ‘
a - Motor-omnibuses A.D. Mpepu (Pvt) Ltd, ; i
O/193/82, Permit: -12996. Mo or-omnibus, Passenger-
IT is hereby notified that temporary authorities capacity: 70. ‘
Christmas holidays may be applied for to ‘cover thefor. the
period Route 1: Fort.Victoria - Roquefort Dairies. --Tokwe Grange
ot -
from the 9th December, 1982, to the 3rd January,
applica 1983. All Ngundu ~ Triangle - New Mili} - Hoppo New Mill -
tions should be in by the 26th November, 1982. _ Chiredzi.’. -
So oe
Temporary yariations will be granted only to coverthe Route 2: Triangle New Mill ~ New Lundi Bridge - Mbizi
exact. routeor routes of the permit being varied,
changed on account of circumstances, together or @ route
with any
siding. | :
conditions which may apply, and will authorize. the service Route 3: Fort Victoria - Tokwe.Grange - Chomuruyati
- Razi
on such routés on an “as and when required”basis, am. oe - ,
Temporary permits will be granted ‘only for the operat - Route 4: Fort Victoria - Farmers’ Wall - Harawa.
of roadworthy ion
spare motor-omnibuses‘’ as shown on form By— *
R.M.T.27, held in this office, over routes already served (a) deletion of existing Routes 2, 3 4nd 4;
the operator in question, under the authority of specific by
service permits. The route or routes must be specifiroad (b) Route I—. . L :
cally (i) increase in frequencies;
‘described, the permit numbers must be quoted and the ,
. tables Gin duplicate) must accompany the application. fare-
- . Gi) increase in fares. >
Applicatioris must be addressed to the Controller of Road The services operate as follows—
Motor Transportation, and dither— / ; :
(2) posted to P.O. Box 8332, Causeway; or Route i— - . ° .
(b) delivered to Ground Floor, Coghlan Building, Fourth . @) depart Fort Victoria Tuesday|}2 p.m., arrive Chiredzi
Street, Harare.- p.m. .
: ~
. .
(6) depart Fort Victoria Thursday 10.30 am., arrive
| 8-10-82, ‘Controller of Road Motor Transportation. _ Chiredzi 4 pm; ,
‘(c) depart Fort Victoria Saturday 8 a.m., arrive. Triangle
' New Mill 12.10 p.m; -
General Notice 893 of 1982, (d) depart Chiredzi Wednesday and Friday 6.30 am,
ROAD MOTOR TRANSPORTATIONACT [CHAPTER 262] | arrive Fort Vittoria Ipm; |.
(e) depart Triangle New: Mill Sunday 8.50 am., arrive

Fort Victoria J pam, -
Applications in Connexion with Road Service Permits
; —__! Route 2— -
- (a) depart Triangle New Mill Saturday 12.10 p.m.,‘arrive
IN terms of subsection (4) of section’7 of: the Road Motor Mbizi siding 2 p.m.;
Transportation Act [Chapter 262], notice. is hereby given that .
the applications detailed in the Schedule, for the issue (b) depart Mbizi siding Sunday J a.m, arrive Triangle
amendmentof road service permits, have been: received or New Mil 8.50 am. ~
for the
consideration of the Controller
e of Road Motor Transportation, Route 3— -
Any person wishing to object to any such application must (a) depart Fort Victoria Monday and Wednesday 2 p.m.,
lodge with the Controller of Road Motor Transportation :
, arrive Razi Dam 5.30 p.m;
P.O. Box 8332, Causeway— oe (b) depart ‘Fort Victoria Friday 7 ip.m., arrive Razi Dam:
(a)a notice, in writing, of his intention’ to object, so as to °10.30 pm; S
reach the Controller’s¢office not -later than the 25th | (c) depart Razi Dam Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
October, 1982; and 5 a.m., arrive Fort Victoria 7.45 a.m. .
6) his objéction and the grounds therefor, on form R.M:T. Route 4— . :
2A, together with two copies thereof, so as to reach the (a) depart Fort Victoria Sunday 5.30 p.0L, arrive Harawa
. Controller’s office not later than the 19th November,
9.10 p.m;
" @) depart Harawa Monday 5.50 a.m., arrive Fort Victoria
Any person objecting to an application for .30 a.m.
amendment of a road service permit oust confinethe issue or
his grounds
of objection to matters directly bearing on the considerations ‘The service to operate as follows—
referred to in paragraph (a), (b), (c), (d), (e) or (f) of section - a) depart Fort Victoria daily 7 am., arrive Chiredzi
8 of the said Act. : 2.005
- ‘ R. N. TSOMONDO, . (6) depart Chiredzi daily 2° p.m,
8-10-82, Controller of Road Motor Transportation. arrive Fort Victoria
6 p.m. :