Zimbabwe Government Gazette dated 1981-06-12 number 39

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Published by Authority a

| Vol, LIX, No.39. 12th JUNE, 1981 Price 25c

General Notice 532 of 1981.
- ‘ Dh . gy
Statement of Assets and Liabilities of the Reserve Bank of Zimba
"INtermsofsection 20 of the Reserve Bank of ‘Zimbabwe Act
Bank of Zimbabweas at the 29th May, 1981,.is publish {Chapter 173], a statementofthe assets and liabilities of the Reserve
ed in the Sc edule. :
12-6-8f, | | B. WALTERS,
. * co! Secretary to the Treasury,
Liabilities To! i ‘ oe Assets
Capital «2. wa, 2.000 000
General Reserve Fund. 2 2 1°... , Gold and foreign assets... .. «i++ 152087085 ©
6 000 000 Loans and advances . . . 1 4y see
Currency in circulation ... .. oe )6«~©— 195102178. 57 871 780
Deposits and other liabilities to the public... . Internal investments— : 197 929 546
254010466 Government stock. .). . 6L 353 134
Otherliabilities .~ ;. eee we 77 666 738
Other . 2... 136 576 412
a . Other assets. 2. 1 Ly 126 890 971
$534 779.382
$534 779 382

~ General Notice 533 of 1981,” ot : _“ of economic value during the course of prospecting
MINES. AND MINERALS ACT [CHAPTER165] Operations within the area, and thereafter proposes ta-
mine such deposits, such proposed mining operations
| Exclusive Prospecting Order .575: Salisbury ‘Mining District shall be subject to State participation, on a joint-
venture basis. The specific terms and conditions of
THE following order is published in terms of subsection (2) State participation shall be the subject of negotiations
of section 92 of the Mines and: Minerals Act [Chapter 165]: between the Goyernment of Zimbabwe and the con- —
-. “I, Maurice Nyagumbo, Minister’ of Mines, with the cession-holder, The Governmentshall retain the right
approval of the President; hereby, in terms of subsection (1) to impose such obligations as are necessary to promote
of section 92 of the Mines and Minerals Act [Chapter 165], ~the mining of uranium and other radioactive minerals
. Make an’ exclusive, prospecting. order, in favour of Union in the national interest;
_ Carbide Rhomet (Private) Limited, over the area described (d) the area be abandoned by 60 per cent, within seven *
hereunder, in the Salisbury mining distiict, in ‘relation to the months of the date from which the rights granted
mapsreferences Nyamuomba Island 1628B4, Kariba 1628D2, under this order may be exercised.
Marongora 1629A1, Rekometjie Research Station 1629A2, - Union Carbide Rhomet (Private) Limited is authorized, in
_ Makuti 1629A3, Mangaingai 1629B1, Manyangau 1629B3, terms of subsection (4) of section 94 of the Mines and
Nzoe 1629C1, Kent Store 1629D1 and Chatigera 1629C2, all Minerals Act [Chapter 165], to prospect on all registered
of the Second Edition, of the scale 1 : 50000, produced by base mineral blocks which were not being worked or deve-
the Surveyor-General, subject to the following conditions— loped on the 27th August, 1980, being the date of the lodging

(a) the order is.made in respect’ of cobalt, . copper, of the application for this order. .
' molybdenum, tungsten and uranium;.
(b). the . concession-holder shall carry out -prospecting . . Description of area
"operations in a manner satisfactory to the Minister An-area of approximately 393-350 hectares, situated in
of Mines, which:shall include compliance with the the Salisbury mining district and bounded by a line com-
following requirements— oo, oo ‘mencing where the Chimwa River meets the east bank of
(i) the proposed airborne survey shall be. conducted the Zambezi River (grid reference 35KPM969864), which
- in accordance with the’ specifications set by the is approximately 15 kilometres north-north-east of Kariba,
Director, Department. of Geological Survey, as and. which is coincidental with the southernmost-beacon of
detailed in his minute’reference 404, dated the Exclusive Prospecting Order 582; thence proceeding on a
Ist October, 1980; Me true bearing of 46° for a distance of approximately .20,8
’ Gi) the concession-holder shall provide such infor- Kilometres along the boundary of Exclusive Prospecting
mation on the ‘results of.the proposed airborne Order 582 to where a. track Crosses an unnamed stream
‘survey and subsequent prospecting work as may (grid reference 35KQN120007), which is coincidental with
be requested by the Director, Department of a corner beacon of Exclusive Prospecting Order 582: thence
Geological Survey; on a true bearing of 57° for a distance of approximately

32,6 kilometres to where a track ‘crosses the Mukondore
(c) in the event that the concession-holder should dis- | River (grid reference 35KQN396183); thence on a true
cover uranium or other radioactive mineral deposits bearing of 94° for a distance of. approximately 28 kilo~